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birthday parties

(4 Posts)
noma Sat 25-Feb-06 09:57:10

should we send our children to every birthday party they are invited to so that they will be popular or dosent it matter at 3 years old?

MarsOnLife Sat 25-Feb-06 10:00:43

Going to parties is no guarantee of popularity.

I send mine to the ones they want to go to (which tends to be all of them), but recognise that sometimes they don't get invited and it's nothing to do with popularity. Normal to do with limited numbers.

revoltingzebra Sun 26-Feb-06 10:39:10

Don't think it matters, shouldn't be compulsory if your kid doesn't feel like it.

Some of us have kids who don't get invited to that many, anyway.

There is a Party topic on mn, btw.

anniebear Sun 26-Feb-06 11:29:56

Don't think my dd would turn down any party invite!! lol

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