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edinburgh.......moving to

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jojo15 Fri 10-Feb-06 13:56:18

Our closest friend is moving to Edinburgh with a job transfer. She has asked if any of you could help her out. She is a single parent with two daughters aged 14 and 9 and would like to know which area to avoid and where the good schools are. She intends to rent at first before buying. Can anyone give any info and also what internet sites could she look at regarding a rental property.
many thanks,

Fimbo Fri 10-Feb-06 14:02:19

Edinburgh is very very expensive. She should find properties to rent from the Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre. I tried to do a link but it wouldn't work. Just google "ESPC".

My SIL rents in Morningside which is close to where her two children go to private school George Watson's

Fimbo Fri 10-Feb-06 14:03:45

Expat I think lives in Edinburgh, so keep this bumped.

paolosgirl Fri 10-Feb-06 14:35:57

I live near Edinbrugh now, and used to live in the city some years ago. Her budget will determine where she lives - property is very expensive. Do you know what her budget will be, and does she want to live in or near the city?

nailpolish Fri 10-Feb-06 14:54:50

i used to live in edinburgh, its fabulous, i miss it a lot, but it became too expensive for us

i used to live down Easter road, there used to be quite a lot of rental properties there and its quite a nice area to live, i dont know anything about the schools im afraid, but its a walkable distance from the town

portobello is another area i stayed in, a little self-contained area of its own, and i think portobello high is not too bad

morningside and bruntsfield are lovely areas, i think bruntsfield has a lot of rentals, its very close to the uni and has many students (and great shops)

Ferry road has lots of rentals too, thats pretty nice too, the botanic gardens are there are there and they are fab

tell her to buy the Evening News and check out the


edinburgh buses can be either brilliant or rubbish, depending on where you live, so if she will be using them she could check that out too

there are a few areas around edinburgh that have good public transport, and can be a lot cheaper, like Bonyrigg, Dalkeith etc, but i dont know if they have many rental properties

could her employer give her a little help with moving?

nailpolish Fri 10-Feb-06 14:55:27

by 'the town' i mean city centre

mapgirl Sun 16-Aug-09 08:59:12


I'm moving to Edinburgh with my husband and 2 year old son from the US. I keep hearing about how expensive Edinburgh and the UK is in general compared to the US. I've been told many times to do all my shopping here in order to avoid high costs there. What does everyone recommend? Other then the obvisous things what else will I need for my 2 year old? Any advice will be appreciated.


bitofadramaqueen Sun 16-Aug-09 11:47:34

jojo your friend should have a look at the Edinburgh schools guide. If you google it you can find it for sale online. It has a comrehensive list of all the schools etc, and in conjunction with looking at the ESPC should help her figure out what locations are in her price bracket and still have decent schools.

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