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Baby Thermometer

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chocolatesparkle Sun 08-Apr-12 11:23:57

Can anyone recommend a thermometer to check on a babies temperature, suitable from newborn? I guess that the ones for I the mouth are not suitable. Would people recommend the digital ear ones, or the forehead ones? Grateful for any suggestions.

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 08-Apr-12 11:39:23

My doctor gave me some very sound advice which was 'don't buy a thermometer'. His rationale was that a high temperature is not necessarily a bad thing, it just means the body is fighting illness. Seeing a high temp on the read-out can therefore make us unnecessarily anxious. If the child looks hot but is otherwise OK, keep them cool and treat with paracetamol or equivalent. If they seem distressed, listless, in pain, or anything else as well as being hot, call the doctor straight away.

NotInMyDay Sun 08-Apr-12 11:45:50

I disagree. I am not a panicky parent so maybe that helps but I like my thermometer. We use a Braun in ear one. I find it useful to 'chart' the fever i.e. see whether it responds to the medicine and when it's low enough for me to put them to bed.

Iggly Sun 08-Apr-12 11:48:36

You can get in ear and forehead ones combined. We've got one, as PP said.

Ds has had some nasty fevers where he's felt hot to the touch but other times he's felt hot and we're not sure. Also helps you tell if his temp is going down.

MrsJohnDeere Sun 08-Apr-12 11:51:47

Same as Cogito.

Go with your instinct as to whether they are unwell or not.

CarpeJugulum Sun 08-Apr-12 12:07:37

I have a Braun in ear thermometer. This one with these disposable covers or hygiene (as doesn't work without them).

I do use my own judgement, as to what I'm going to do in terms of Calpol etc, but i find it much easier if visiting the GP to say "DS was running a temp of xxxx" rather than just "he felt hot". It gives them a more obvious background to work with. (We visit GP reasonably regularly as DS is asthmatic and often gets chest infections).

Also, one of the standard checks is taking temperature and using the same style at home has definitely made DS a lot calmer during checks as he knows what's happening.

Iggly Sun 08-Apr-12 14:46:40

Actually babies and children can run fevers and seem well in themselves.

insancerre Sun 08-Apr-12 14:49:39

agree 100% with cogito
People are far too quick to reach for the calpol

bemybebe Sun 08-Apr-12 14:53:18

i have Vicks Gentle Touch and it is fab. Any house should have a thermometer to measure the temperature if necessary.

Meglet Sun 08-Apr-12 14:54:47

I love our ear thermometer. I can do it when the dc's are asleep.

I check our temps even when healthy as it's intersting to see the differences between our normal temps.

insancerre Sun 08-Apr-12 14:58:58

meglet the winter nights must just fly past in your house grin

Meglet Sun 08-Apr-12 15:12:27

One day I'll do a spreadsheet grin.

Fizzylemonade Sun 08-Apr-12 22:29:48

We have a forehead one, I didn't like the idea of poking one in my newborn's ear PFB 9 years ago grin

I actually agree with Meglet, I run at a rather cool temp normally and we tested the children who both run cooler than normal. So when they hit 37 and seem unwell too then I reach for the calpol, or any other generic and much cheaper own brand grin

nathanlon Sat 01-Oct-16 15:43:06

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ODog Sun 02-Oct-16 13:36:10

Dr at the children's ward of my local hospital said the cheap digital underarm thermometers are the most accurate. £5 ish.

Heirhelp Sun 02-Oct-16 20:15:13

We were given a braun one As a gift. When I developed spesis after c section it possibly saved my life. The dr said if I had not gone to hospital until morning I would have been lucky to make it to icu. I think every home should have one.

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