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Any bright ideas for keeping 5 kids amused this weekend?

(9 Posts)
Janstar Fri 21-Nov-03 09:17:54

Hi everyone.

I have my two nephews staying with me for the weekend. So I'll have a boy and a girl of 14, a girl of 11, a boy of 9 and a boy of 3 to entertain for 48 hours. I have a few ideas, but I'd be interested to hear some more.

We can go out, but it's a bit of a hassle as we will need two cars, and a great deal of organisation. I still can't walk further than 1/2 mile or so, so ideas involving lots of walking are out. And the weather looks poor.

janh Fri 21-Nov-03 10:09:13

Safari park? Theme park? Steam train ride?

Janstar Fri 21-Nov-03 14:20:10

Anyone else?

FairyMum Fri 21-Nov-03 14:24:44

Make Christmas-decorations? Bake cakes? Play games? Or just make them do the housework,)

whymummy Fri 21-Nov-03 14:25:32

just get lots of glue,scissors, boxes,etc and look for ideas on the art attack site,or get them to make lots of xmas cards for grandparents,teachers and friends
good luck(you're going to need it )

Tortington Fri 21-Nov-03 14:31:35

for the evening its got to be a board game followed by a really bob film like xmen or something- which has to be done with microwave popcorn - which they can do themselves.

art and crafts stuff is good - you will need to buy the stuff i suppose - which is a drag - but how about ( dont shoot me) that you ask them if they will help you with your xmas decorations and getting them ready so you can save them to be put up in a few weeks.
toilet rolls transformed into xmas trees with green crepe paper cut into strips and then cut into frilly skirts layered - scattered with glitter. or snowflakes fold a piece of paper into 4 tell them to chop of the four corners and to cut pretty paterns into them - sprinkled with glitter - buy link chains for them to do,

get a football and tell them to sod off and leave you alone - not the 3 yr old obiously.

happycat Fri 21-Nov-03 14:45:00

are there any local school christmas fayres you could walk to

whymummy Fri 21-Nov-03 14:53:58

happycat you've just reminded me that we do have a xmas fayre at our school tomorrow,i was wondering where to take the kids tomorrow as dh has some friends coming over to watch the rugby and no doubt there'll be lots of drinking and swearingcheers!

Janstar Fri 21-Nov-03 15:29:58

Thanks everyone, some good idea there, please keep them coming if you have any more.

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