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Back in the Zoo for new adventures with old friends

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CaptainNemo Tue 13-Dec-11 16:25:20

Come on over animals, I think we'll be very comfy here smile

PickledMoomin Sun 07-Apr-13 19:16:41

Are you there Murray?

gomurray Sun 07-Apr-13 20:38:49

Sorry ladies, didn't have a chance to get online earlier then spent day zooming about up north to spend a few days with my parents. All is fine, digital test came up 2-3 weeks which means 4-5 weeks pg which is bang on as am 4+2 today - massive relief smile
Still feels very surreal, nightmare trying to hide it from parents - no wine with dinner then suddenly asking for a medium steak as opposed to my usual med/rare, I'm sure they are suspicious already ! Really don't want anyone to know so soon - other than you lovely ladies wink
How was Paris moomin ?
How you doing with ADs and side effects Buddha ? Are you acupuncturing this cycle ? Any news on DH's job situation ? Hope you are ok xx

PickledMoomin Sun 07-Apr-13 20:48:18

Fantastic news. They probably know. Would they ask?

Paris was great. I'm so tired though.

NoMoreMarbles Mon 08-Apr-13 13:54:13

murray gringringrin fantastic news! congratulations! how are you today?

moomin how was Paris? smile

buddha how are you lovely? smile

CD15 here so nowt happening symptoms wisesmile S had her appointment and she is now on diet control and 6 month check ups for the puberty issue but no further actiongrin i am very relieved as is DH so we can relax a bit smile i am up to 2st 1lb loss so i have 1st 6lb to reach my mini target and 2st 1lb to reach my big goal so im halfway there smile i will be a slim jim one daygrinwink

PickledMoomin Mon 08-Apr-13 17:12:00

Fantastic news on S and brilliant weight loss continues. Well done.

Paris was fab. Feels like it didn't happen already!

gomurray Mon 08-Apr-13 23:39:21

Marbles, great news about S, so glad you can all relax a bit now.. Maybe relaxation will aid TTC wink, won't do any harm. And gigantic congrats on weight loss, you are doing so well, you must be really proud of yourself grin

Lack of symptoms today so fretting - it is going to be a long 9 months... !!

PickledMoomin Tue 09-Apr-13 07:21:46

Symptoms come and go. Remember my obsession when I was pregnant with J? I was boob poking hourly. Try not to focus on them, and enjoy the next few weeks of not feeling too sick x

BuddhaBelly Wed 10-Apr-13 18:48:47

Murray Still obsessing on the lookout for symptoms smile or head in the sand denial wink
MummyLtd How are you doing?
Marbles Glad to hear S is doing well and bloody fantastic weight loss I'm well envy
Moomin Have you recovered from Paris yet?

Well finally over a week later AD side effects have calmed down, it was like being pg, I felt sick all the time, headaches and exhausted! Still really tired but feeling better in myself, seem to be more patient too and it's definitely taking the edge off my emotions as I felt no sadness or bitterness when the lovely Murray announced her bfp and normally I'd hit a low and secretly hate the of person for at least 24 hours wink smile Still doing acupuncture and still enjoying it smile

gomurray Wed 10-Apr-13 22:03:25

Buddha, so glad to hear ADs helping already and that side effects are reduced. It is not easy hearing about other BFPs when you want it so much for yourself, only natural, you know I've been there many times over the last 16 months so I totally do understand. Are you TTC this cycle ? Glad you are still enjoying acupuncture. Any news on job front for DH ?

Symptoms coming and going - mainly just mega tiredness that comes in waves and slightly nauseous when hungry. Boobs no longer sore and even had EWCM the other day which freaked me (have had that while 'pg' before then turned out to be MC) trying not to read anything into it. PMA !!!!!!!

PickledMoomin Wed 10-Apr-13 22:19:29

I had EWCM all the time during pregnancy. I kept thinking I was passing clots. All very normal. Pma!

Glad you're feeling brighter Bhudda.

J had his mmr booster today and screamed the place down.

I saw a rheumatology therapist yesterday. She said I have hyper mobility and she thinks my nerves are being over stretched and causing my ailments. I have special inserts for my shoes blush

BuddhaBelly Fri 12-Apr-13 10:02:15

Another one with lots of EWCM in pg too smile How are you today Murray?
Moomin Is that all the help you get inserts in shoes? shock What else can be done?

I've got my hospital referral today, feeling a bit nervous

PickledMoomin Fri 12-Apr-13 10:41:02

Good luck Bhudda. Be firm.

Nothing else can be done apparently

gomurray Sat 13-Apr-13 08:31:51

Buddha how did appt. go ? Hope you got what you wanted out of it.

Did digi test today and it still says 2-3 weeks, I am 5+1 so it should really say 3+ by now - trying not to fret but every mild cramp putting the fear of God into me now arrggghhhh. I could really have done with this PG being 'textbook' to prevent stress.

PickledMoomin Sat 13-Apr-13 09:18:01

Stop testing Murray. Those tests never give reassurance x

gomurray Sat 13-Apr-13 10:13:05

I know Moomin ! I have read a couple of threada on MN were posters reckon the CBD has given inaccurate results then successful PG - it is just so hard with my history to accept that it will all be ok.

BuddhaBelly Sat 13-Apr-13 10:16:32

I agree step away from the tests Murray. You are going to over analyse everything all the way through unfortunately but the tests will drive you insane wink

Well yesterday was ok. Poked and propped, scanned and swabbed to within an inch of my life smile They want Dh to be tested again as his motility level was a little low. Will have day 3 test after next AF (told my gp I needed it but she said I didn't!) and scan showed both ovaries ready to release an egg smile but the registrar wouldn't listen about the timings of my 21 day bloods and made a conclusion I wasn't ovulating shock kept ignoring me when I said I'd been having +ve OPKs. Anyway consultant said he'd like to try cloud but I needed to lose weight first. So back to him in 4 months when he'll consider the drugs. No pressure then wink

BuddhaBelly Sat 13-Apr-13 10:17:00


PickledMoomin Sat 13-Apr-13 11:31:19

I know it's hard lovely, but extra worry isn't going to help the situation. You have to combat each negative thought with one that tells you that everything is fine. Putting up a barrier (I did that) doesn't protect you in any way. Right now you're pregnant and there's a bloody good chance you'll be having lots of sleepless nights by this time next year. Don't let the over analysing spoil anything. You're doing all you can to keep you and baby healthy. No more testing!

That sounds like a positive appointment Bhudda. So glad it wasn't a waste of time for you. You're obviously having a surge of LH and ovulating or you wouldn't get an opk+. Four months isn't too long to wait and you might not need the clomid.

Hangover central here today. Bleugh!

Mummylimited Sat 13-Apr-13 17:08:51

Sorry I haven't been around much. School holidays, visiting friends and N's birthday have kind of taken over.

Murray I totally agree with Moomin. Being negative doesn't protect you if things do go wrong, so for now your are pg and that has made me smile so so much - Congratulations.

Also sounding positive for you bhudda Get your running shoes on Missus. I need to get back out there too!

I am doing OK, no new cycle yet, but sure I am OV this week. Which should make me happy but has actually made me sad, as did cancelling the mw appt last week and having to do a pg test to confirm to hosp that definitely a BFN. Oh well, hopefully now these milestones are over, it'll be easier.

Will be checking in regularly to make sure our newly pg member is doing OK and has not sent herself bonkers ;)

PickledMoomin Sun 14-Apr-13 13:31:27

Lovely to see you here again Mummylimited. Not nice to have to do those things sad
Have you decided whether you will TTC straight away?
How did the birthday boy enjoy his day?

How's the staying calm going Murray?

gomurray Sun 14-Apr-13 19:08:07

Buddha, that was at least a fruitful appt - it may be the case that your body has a LH surge but doesn't ovulate (i'm pretty sure that can happen where your body tries but doesn't succeed) and without seeing a temp rise you have no proof of ov so clomid is a step in the right direction. What better motivation can there be to lose weight than a wee bundle at the end ?.. How are you feeling within yourself ATM ?

Mummy - those are hideous milestones, my heart goes out to you. Are you TTC straight away ? FWIW I was advised by many (including my consultant and Nemo who was advised by her's) to at least sit out the cycle immediately after MC. Maybe not what you want to hear - I ignored the advice and with hindsight I think what has helped me get PG this time has been waiting 5-6 months after last MC (only because I was waiting for recurrent MC blood results - I have ZERO patience !) Hope you are feeling ok, sounds like you are takig a positive approach which is half the battle.

Moomin - lucky you having a hangover... well the boozy bit not the ill bit ! I have an alcohol-free beer for watching the golf tonight wink

Marbles - where are you mrs ? Hopefully too busy BDing to bother with us wink

All good here - I ignored all sage advice and tested again this morning and it was 3+ - woohoooo so hcG rising at normal rate which is such a relief. Nothing more I can do now other than hope and cross my fingers xx

PickledMoomin Mon 15-Apr-13 11:04:26

Tut tut tut Murray but glad you got the reassurance you needed to relax a little. Will you have an early scan? How many weeks and days are you today? Is 8 weeks the best time? I can't really remember.

Hangover has gone thank goodness. Back to work tomorrow

NoMoreMarbles Mon 15-Apr-13 21:32:54


murray I'm heresmile lurking but haven't had time to postsmile just keeping an eye out for news etc and I have been filling my 'spare' time with exercise to try and boost my weight loss...I am 4lb away from the weight I was when I got preg with DD so it is a milestone of sorts of me... Glad to see all is progressing swimmingly for you and your BFPgrin

Mummyltd how are you? I have been thinking of you and I I hope you are doing well xxx

moomin I have a friend who has recently been diagnosed with HM! Glad you have finally gotten some answers and your shoe inserts start to help!smile How is J doing? (And L and C of coursesmile)

BuddhaBelly Fri 19-Apr-13 20:37:39

Quiet ladies?

I'm full of cold and feeling rotten thanks to my lovely son sharing his boy bugs wink

gomurray Fri 19-Apr-13 21:48:40

Aww Buddha, what a generous boy, sharing his germs ! Hope you feeling ok other than the cold. Are you TTC at the moment ? Well not this precise moment (Obviously), this cycle ? Hope ADs are helping to lift your mood.

All fine here - just very tired. Wish the next few weeks would hurry up !

Mommin - what you up to this weekend - off to see C ?

Marbles and MummyLtd - any chat ladies ?

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