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Back in the Zoo for new adventures with old friends

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CaptainNemo Tue 13-Dec-11 16:25:20

Come on over animals, I think we'll be very comfy here smile

BuddhaBelly Sat 31-Dec-11 14:48:23

moomin can I add to the list of hates about the app the fact you can't type sideways!!!!

PickledMoomin Sat 31-Dec-11 16:43:13

I also hate the active convo tab. When I click back, I don't want to see the top of the page, I want to see the last thread I looked at AND I don't want to see the same thread listed on the following page. ARGH!

Have fun tonight ladies x

BuddhaBelly Sat 31-Dec-11 16:49:02

I've just seen in settings you can flip the messages from newest to oldest and vice versa. Don't you just watch the thread? That way it's always listed in your threads I'm watching? smile

PickledMoomin Sun 01-Jan-12 11:57:21

Ah ha well spotted! X

Mummylimited Mon 02-Jan-12 20:40:16

Happy New Year ladies

Trying to be quick as would like to write a blog tonight and frankly I need my bed.

Nemo A boy! How brilliant. Obviously I have no experience with girls but so far my two boys are totally different to one another. If you can get over smaller choices in the clothes department then boys are fab!

Moomin Sorry to hear you're not getting on with DH. I think I'm ready for mine to go back to work. We have been getting on each others nerves the last few days and not really 'clicking' like we usually do. We haven't even started potty training yet. We were going to start over Christmas, but the broken arm put that out of the window.

Seldom So sorry to hear about your Grandad, what an awful time for it to happen too sad

Impala Great to hear from you. Can't believe E is 3, it just goes too quickly doesn't it?

E is in his own room for the first time tonight. He is 7mo. I was in no rush this time as he still wakes at night and no way am I going to sit on a chair feeding at silly o'clock like I did last time. I'm looking forward to getting the bedroom back in the evening though and will probably just have him in with us after he wakes in the night. I am sad though, everything seems much more of a wrench this time. I guess because you understand how quickly it goes and also he seems to whizz past even quicker. I'm sure if he sleeps better I will get over it though!

Will pop in again soon x

gomurray Tue 03-Jan-12 12:31:39

Hello ladies and a big Happy New Year to you all. So good to have reunited grin

Seldom I posted on FB when I saw your sad news - so, so sorry to hear about your grandad. My beloved grannie died in October, so hard sad.

Nemo huge congratulations on boy - how many weeks are you now ? Boys are sooooo cuddly and lovely and I agree that the choice of clothes for them is limited but it mkaes it less complicated dressing them in the morning - no need to consider, tights, cardis, accessories ! I LOVE having a boy so much fun, although exhausting at times too grin

Buddha any symtpoms yet ? I love a good 2ww symptom spot !

Mummy how is E sleeping in his own room ?

Moomin sorry to hear about you and DH - is it just the holidays or has it been for longer than that ?

Thanks for the crib sheet - helps loads. Am getting on fine. Had a lovely Xmas and NY - very relaxing which was just what I needed. Back to work tomorrow which I am dreading as have to face 2 pregnant colleagues (one who is a good friend and due 1 week before I was and the other sits right opposite me and is due 5 weeks after I was - it is her first so she talks about it a LOT). I need to get back to normal though and these things won't just go away so I have to get on with it and face it. I only work Mon-Wed so it is a 1-day week smile
It would appear that DP is happy to TTC again as BD the other day and no effort made to not TTC IYKWIM ! No idea what body is doing in terms of OV etc.. so started temping this morning. Have had EWCM on and off so think body is trying but not actually managing to ov - which is why I've resorted to temping as more accurate. I should really wait until 6 week check but if he is keen then who am I to stop him wink. No news yet of date for 6 week check - Nemo what happens, will they check me out or just give me results of tests, do you know ?...

Anyway, best get on and make some lunch, 'speak' soon xx

SeldomSantasBaby Tue 03-Jan-12 14:35:55

hi ladiessmile

nice to see so many of us heresmile
impala <<waves>> lovely to see you m'dear! 3yo eh? wow that has flown over!!
gomurray good to see you lovely smile you sound nice and relaxed and i hope your TTC goes really well xx
moomin so sorry you are not getting on too well with DH{{{hugs}}} FWIW during the first year me and DH had ALOT of ups and downs and i felt much the same as you got alot better since and we have been married for 4 1/2 years now. you have had alot on your plate in the past 2 years and it isnt surprising that your relationship is suffering/changing as a result. if you need to talk/sound off im here as im sure everyone here are too and you have my number toosmile
bhudda ooo 2WWsmile im pretty sure im on mine at the mo too- though we are not officially TTC any more...a girl can hope thoughgrin
mummyltd hi ladysmile i will have to read this blog of yours one of these dayssmile hope all is ok since N broke his arm!
nemo WOW a boy!! massive congrats to you and your DHsmile have you told T she will have a baby brother yet?

have i missed anyone? if i have <<<waves>>>smile

things are still pretty emotional heresad
my grandads funeral is on friday and i am not sure whether to allow S to come or whether she is too young yet. she turns 6 on sunday and has asked if she could come too but doesnt fully realise what a funeral is. i have explained to her but she doesnt understand the emotional side of it i suppose. what do i do? i feel like i shouldnt sheild her but i want to protect her from it too...sad

NoMoreMarbles Tue 03-Jan-12 14:44:07

name-changed againgrin

NoMoreMarbles Tue 03-Jan-12 14:44:47

whoops its Ei/Seldomblush

Impala Tue 03-Jan-12 21:08:39

Happy new year lovely ladies, so pleased to have found you all on here again. FB is great, but you can't really post anything too intimate on there!
Hope you all had a lovely new year and managed to stay up to see in 2012. DH and I were pathetic this year - we were asleep by 11pm! Think it's the prospect of being roused anytime after 6am by a small child which did it wink
Some good news tonight, for the first time E went to sleep on her own, without one of us having to stay with her. This is a big deal for her and she's only done it perhaps once or twice before. She decided she wanted to listen to an audio book rather than a story and fell asleep whilst listening to it, result grin We'll have to see if this continues.
Mummylimited hope E's first night in his own room went well. I can well imagine second time round you try to hang onto every step of DC's progress as you know how quickly it flies by. With PFB it's a journey into the unknown and you end up almost wishing their life away as you look forward to the next stage but with DC2 I guess you know what is coming next so you perhaps appreciate each stage more. As you say, at least you've got your bedroom back in the evenings smile
Gomurray Glad you had a lovely Christmas and new year and that you're doing well. Sounds as though the (unofficial) TTC is going well, fingers crossed for you! Good luck for tomorrow, must be hard to have to deal with two pg colleagues with EDD so close to what yours would have been.
Nomoremarbles Just when I thought I was getting the hang of who is who you go and name change and confuse matters wink Like the name though smile On a more serious subject, it's hard to know what to do for the best with regard to S attending your granddad's funeral. I think if she's expressed the desire to go and has been given sufficient information about what might be involved (although this must be really hard to do) and still wants to then perhaps she should be allowed to go and say her own goodbye. Have you had a look at some of the threads on MN on that subject? There is also some very useful information here: Thinking of you at the moment, it's horrible sad
Moomin Sorry to hear you and DH aren't getting on too well at the moment. FWIW, DH and I also had a rough patch last summer and I also felt as though the spark had gone. We've been married 11 years. It seemed he couldn't do anything right and I felt completely unsupported. He said that he felt as though I was focusing only on E and completely ignoring him hmm Things are better now, although not perfect by any means. From my own point of view I make a real effort to focus on the positives in the relationship, rather than the negatives. Having watched a friend go through a messy divorce has made me grateful for what I do have even if it's not perfect smile Have you and DH managed to talk at all? Hope you can sort things out.
Nemo Have you recovered from the shock of having a boy yet??
Buddha Eagerly awaiting news of any pg symptoms from you wink
Catch up with you all again soon!

CaptainNemo Fri 06-Jan-12 13:11:20

I LOVE LOVE LOVE coming on here and finding lots of messages! grin I'll stop saying it soon, but I'm so glad this thread's up and running again!

Which of you lives closest to me? Because one of you needs to come round here and give me a boot up the backside. I just can't seem to get going today. Am v tired and therefore feeling v sick. Booked the day out to start finish my tax stuff for my accountant, so far.....nada. Sum total of my achievements so far: an extra hour's sleep after DD went to the cm's (DH got her up and gave her bfast while I was being a lazy toad), discovered that the 2 mat suit skirts I ordered are no good - the smaller one is so small I can't get it over my bottom blush and the bigger one is massive. Money well spent there then.... Have unloaded internet grocery shopping and done 2 massive tins of roasted veg to go in a chilli I'll make later but which I'm not at all sure I can face eating.... Go me. hmm

Marbles, or whatever your name is today wink I hope things go as well as they can today and that you get some comfort from the service. What did you decide about S? Such a tricky decision, especially at a time when your emotopns are all over the place anyway sad

Murray glad to hear you had a peaceful christmas, or as peaceful as it could be with a 3YO running around! How did it go back at work on wed? That must have been so so tough for you. I remember how useless I was around pregnant women and how toxic I found them. I hopee the lasy who is so excited about having her first has enough empathy to realise she shouldn't be going on about it in front of you. I know you said you feel like you have to get on with it and face it, but you've been through a lot so don't expect too much of yourself too soon, and it's not unreasonable to expect some sensitivity from your work colleagues so please don't fee you're not entitled to that. I don't think we had a 6 week check. From memory the next thing that happened was that I had appointments in other parts of the hospital for tests on clotting etc just as a precaution, and then we saw the consultant later in the summer once the test results were in. However, it never fails to amaze me how differently things are done in different parts of the country so your care may be totally different. Glad to hear you're both feeling positive about TTC though smile

Buddha come on!!! We want 2ww news!! When will the 2 weeks be up? Though I have always resolved not to (and have meant it) I have always ended up testing ridiculously early for one spurious reason or another and my goodness it makes the 12 weeks last a long time, so it you can be stronger than I can that would probably be a good thing!

Moomin I'm sorrry to hear things aren't great with DH, but given the year you've had in a way I'd be surprised if your relationship wasn't takng the strain a bit. I 'm not saying that to belittle how you're feeling, just because you've been through such an awful time, the cracks are bound to develop somewhere or other, and your marriage is a prime target. How does DH feel about things, have you talked to him about how you're feeling? 2 of the couples in our group of friends have been doing relate/marriage guidance counselling recently and it's amazing how helpful they've found it, it really does seem to have made a massive difference for both of them. Do you think that's something you'd be interested in?

Mummy how's N's arm now? I was trying to work out all the ages of the children on the thread, I think he'll be 3 in april? IIRC he was born on easter monday? Am not loking forward to potty training. I can't decide it T's ready or not but I'm certainly in no rush grin People go on about "missing the window" though don't they... tricky..... How did E get on in his own room? Is it going to become compulsory to have a child whose name begins with an E on this thread?! Think there's you, Impala, Murray, and Buddha all with different E's! What's the address for your blog? Or would you rather link it on fb?

Impala great news that you've seen an improvement in E's sleeping, it's a precious commodity these days! T has generally been a pretty good sleeper and I'm not sure how I'll cope if no2 is a terror...! One of T's cm's also works as a night nanny, so maybe we'll just have to move her in!

I made my first nursery purchase yesterday, finished work later than expected so the cm's had to take T on the school run so I had time to kill before picking her up - so what's a girl to do?!? Bought these for the nursery... they look great actually and they seem to be pretty good quality for the price. so you see, I just had to buy them really! grin

Love to all xx

CaptainNemo Fri 06-Jan-12 13:14:09

PS I have one friend coming round with her newborn this aft (leaving the toddler with her parents), another 2 friends with their toddlers, and another friend with her toddler plus another newborn. And they're all staying for tea. I must be mad...! grin Oh, and all the 2 year olds apart from DD are boys, one of whom is extremely challenging - if I'm not tired now.......

NoMoreMarbles Fri 06-Jan-12 22:06:56

hi ladiessmile

hope everyone is oksmile

nemo how was your afternoon with the babies?envy

impala good news that E is sleeping on her own nowsmile it took sian a while to get to that point too and its nice to get a full night without having to go to the child as she mainly settles herself down and reads her books at night nowsmile

<<<<waves>>>> hi everyone elsesmile

it was my grandads funeral today and we decided against taking S. in the end DH made the decision as he really didnt like the idea that she would either be inconsolablesad or play up throughout the service. it was lovely in the end but brutalsad and i feel settled knowing we gave him a fitting send off.

in other news...S is 6 on sundaysmile this time 6 years ago i was settling down now knowing that at 930am the next day my waters would pop in bedgrin the start of my biggest and best adventure and it makes me a little sad that time is passing so quickly!

NoMoreMarbles Fri 06-Jan-12 22:08:16

**not not nowblush

BuddhaBelly Sat 07-Jan-12 23:14:28

MummyLtd How has E been coping in his own room? Has N still got his plaster on?
gomurray I agree boys are soooo cuddly, friends who have girls say that they aren't half as ready to give up the hugs! How did it go back at work? It's bad enough returning to work to the inevitable questions but having to be so close to pg colleagues sad I agree with Nemo they should be sensitive with regard to their comments etc. You know where we are if you need to offload. Back on the TTC wagon too - no stopping you girl wink
Marbles Glad you feel that you gave your Grandad a good send off smile Happy Birthday to S for tomorrow
Impala Has E continued to sleep on her own or was Tuesday a one off grin I have to say since E's grommet op his sleeping has improved so much, now just got to crack those tantrums hmm
Nemo Love the drawers you've bought for the nursery! With regards to hopes for another sleeper don't they say you'll get an opposite second time around wink that's why I'm going for another so I get a sleeper this time grin Have you started finished your tax yet wink Did you cope with the 101 kids visiting?
Moomin Loved the video of J singing on FB smile

Well AF was due Monday but arrived today, not a surprise as I had no pg symptoms whatsoever sad but on a positive note nowhere near as early as previous AF's so hopefully my cycles are settling down again after a few blips. I've only been doing OPK's so far I think it's time to get the big guns out and order the pre-seed grin

NoMoreMarbles Tue 10-Jan-12 01:21:16

Hi ladiessmile

Hope all is wellgrin

Someone slap me/pin me down... DH and I have been having ALOT of bedroom action of late and I'm now getting a bit optimistic about the possibility of a BFPhmm I should know better... AF isn't due til the weekend and I have tested already hmmhmm it is FAR TOO EARLY!!!! Durrrr!! I need to be shaken out of it... We are not even TTC dammit!! S'pose the urge never really goes...

Turkelton Tue 10-Jan-12 07:23:05

Just passing through quickly, will catch up later properly, but Nomoremarbles Firstly am so sorry to hear about your grandad, hope you and your family are doing ok xxx Secondly, possible BFP!!! Have you gotten a bfp? Am very excited for you and have fingers toes legs arms everything crossed for you!

BuddhaBelly Tue 10-Jan-12 09:14:34

Marbles When is AF due? I think if the urge to have another baby is there it may go dormant but never fully goes away smile

NoMoreMarbles Tue 10-Jan-12 09:22:55

AF is due on saturdayblush so I'm quick off the mark! Like I said I should really know betterblush I haven't had a BFP yet but here's hoping wink

gomurray Tue 10-Jan-12 13:36:47

Ladies hello ! May I just reiterate what Nemo said about how lovely it is to come back to our thread and see loads of chat smile

Nemo Love the drawers, getting all set for a slightly less pink life wink Another bonus with boys is that there are more colours than just blue - girls seem to have almost exclusivley pink stuff (would do my head in !)

Marbles I am glad that the funeral went as well as possible and that you feel more settled now. But what is all this about a potential BFP... exciting !

Buddha so sorry Af came, but glad that you are looking on the bright side. Have you tried temping and looking for EWCM ? Those are my preferred methods of catching the egg wink

Moomin how are things with you ?

Hello to everyone else <waves>

Well back at work - 3rd day and things are getting way easier. First day was awful, I was on the brink of tears all day, terrified someone was going to talk to me/say something to inadvertently upset me. As it turned out only 1 woman said something - she came over and said how good it was to see me back then immediately asked if they found out why it happened ! Potentially a very tricky question shock, however she then went on to explain that her SIL had same at 28 weeks and no reason was given. However, she then went on to explain that she'd had a MC at 12 weeks and how difficult it is, but you need to keep going for the sake of your child etc.... I was borderline but managed to hold it together.
Then yesterday there was fair bit of nonsense around absence records with HR and it meant I spent over an hour messing about trying to sort that and obviously was unable to concentrate on non-baby things so ended up sneaking off to the loo for a wee cry. Then later my manager and I had a meeting where he told me that I could take time off/work from home whenever I needed to as he appreciated it would take time to heal - which was so lovely and nearly set me off again !
Anyway, today is the first day that I feel ok, so each day gets better smile

On the TTC front have had random EWCM but nothing consistent and temp remains low. DP and I are both taking conception supplements (just health food shop ones, nothing scary !) and extra vit C and zinc. Combined with our Jan healthy eating plan and massively reduced alcohol intake I reckon we should be in tip top shape for TTC grin Just need to start actually doing something in the bedroom more frequently !

PickledMoomin Tue 10-Jan-12 21:21:26

I'm keeping an eye on you lot but haven't had time to post. Working FT and feeling shattered.
I'll catch up as soon as I get chance but hope there's a BFP (or more) on the cards.
Sending huge love to Murray. X

CaptainNemo Thu 12-Jan-12 19:51:41

OMG sooooo tired... Been working at a court which is a total pain to get to, leaving the house at 0720, getting home at 1800-1845... Only been 2 days but I'm SHATTERED!!

Marbles any sign of af? Keeping everything crossed for you! Though of course, I realise you're not trying wink

How about you Buddha? how are the temps looking?

Murray I'm so sorry you had a tough start back at work, though I guess it would have been something of a miracle if it had all been too easy... Hope you're ok and that wee E is making you smile lots xx

Moomin hope you're not too shattered too, have been watching your gym updates on fb, am v impressed! How are things with DH now? Better I hope... xx

How's everyone else? Sorry am too tired for a better post... Was meant to see MW this aft but had to cancel due to work sad but have managed to re-arrange for tomorrow eve. Am quite anxious to hear the hb as it was around this time we lost Thomas plus am not really feeling movements yet. Have been lurking on the June ante natal thread and the girls on there seem to have been feeling movement for ages... Am 18weeks tomorrow.... Can't imagine what it must be like to actually relax and enjoy a pregnancy, and am still struggling to believe this one will end well, but am hoping that's just paranoia... Time will tell I guess.

Love to all xx

gomurray Thu 12-Jan-12 21:23:16

Nemo good to hear from you, well done managing to post anything at all despite exhaustion ! I can totally understand how you are feeling about PG, I know if I have another PG I will feel exactly the same way. It is torture not feeling movement, but if it makes you feel any better loads of people reassured me before 20 wk scan that they had little or no movement in 2nd PG up to 20 weeks. The girl at work who is due a week before my due date told me this week that she has onlt just started feeling 'proper' movement this week and she is 26 weeks (2nd PG) so please try not to worry too much.
p.s. please remind me of this post when I am at the same stage saying exactly the same thing ! It is all too easy to dish out rational advice when you are on the outside looking in.
Take it easy lovely lady and look after your wee girl and your wee boy smile xx

NoMoreMarbles Thu 12-Jan-12 21:44:05

hi ladiessmile

no AF yet... not really due until sat-mon so trying and failing to not get my hopes up!! i really should n
know better after all that has happened in the last 4 years shouldnt i!!grin

i tested this morning too... my eyes are trying their best to decieve me... it could be the tests too being crap... could swear theres a faint line there thoughhmm dont believe it at all yet so im going to try not to test until monday yeah rightwink

hope everyone else is oksmile

gomurray Thu 12-Jan-12 22:20:13

Oooh Marbles this sounds very promising.... won't get hopes up yet though. Have you had this happen a lot over the 4 years ? It must be tough every month having a vague glimmer of hope even if you are not officially TTC. I'd love to think this is it for you... xx

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