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Back in the Zoo for new adventures with old friends

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CaptainNemo Tue 13-Dec-11 16:25:20

Come on over animals, I think we'll be very comfy here smile

gomurray Wed 27-Feb-13 22:47:41

Ladies ! Lovely to see you all this evening smile

Moomin Well done to wee J for being such a brave soldier. You do sound pretty loved up and I'm not entirely convinced you have finished with babies...wink

Marbles do you think removing treats from S's diet could be the reason for her improved behaviour ?...

Buddha you really do sound more positive than I have heard you in ages - so lovely to hear - even looking forward to seeing all those babies well done you ! What was the MN bust up all about ?... I only even visit this thread so have no clue - fill me in !

Well temp rocketed today as I made a concerted effort to keep mouth closed even though nose was stuffed up. For any of you familiar with temping - my pre ov temps are 36.4 and below, post-ov usually 36.6 nd above. However, yesterday (open mouth sleep) was 36.41 then today (closed mouth sleep) 37.05 !!!! quite a jump, and not in a good way - in a VERY erratic way. Am putting it down to this silly cold, it will hopefully pass soon and I can get backto 'normal' temps. No symptoms other than a tiny trace of pink CM - sorry TMI !!!

NoMoreMarbles Wed 27-Feb-13 23:06:28


Murray it is possible...I hadn't thought of that so I will keep an eye out for any bad behaviour and see if she has had any treats beforehand...she had a dairy lee dunker and packet of skips before her swimming lesson earlier today apparently (SIL picked her up from school with the new baby so I didn't grumble if S was well behaved for her...) and this evening she had a big strop over nothing so it could be related...good thinking batman!wink

BuddhaBelly Thu 28-Feb-13 15:34:16

Moomin Are you stalking me grin Yes what you saw was it on the other thread. How's Joe today, has he recovered from his bad experience? Fingers crossed for results tomorrow. I know what you mean about high expectations and I'm sure most good parents are all like that, relax and appreciate how good she is and what a little star other people think that she is, it's all down to you chick x
Murray Pink tinged CM is a good sign surely? smile Maybe the cold is throwing temps, maybe they are a little higher for another reason wink I agree Moomin didn't sound hugely convincing with her "pretty sure" I'll never have another one comment grin wink
Marbles It's so great when you get a spell of good behaviour, you almost like them again grin I agree with Murray I'm sure there's a correlation between certain foods and behaviour, so hopefully this is the new S smile (hmm maybe I should starve E?)

My appointment for the hospital came through today, 12th April, maybe with my new found positivity and relaxingfulness (such a word??) I won't need it wink

PickledMoomin Thu 28-Feb-13 19:57:40

Being a single mum of two is hard enough... No number 3 for me. I watch my friend with her third and he's completed her family but I only have two hands and two eyes.....

Two of J's results have come back as abnormal- thyroid and FBC. Will see GP tomorrow. Then I'm off to London tomorrow eve. Really looking forward to my first break in 5 weeks.

gomurray Thu 28-Feb-13 21:37:18

Moomin I don't know anything about the results that have come back abnormal but hope the GP can shed some light and help make a plan of action. Big hugs mrs, you will need your break after this week smile

Buddha thanks for the PM, now I know what scary nonsense goes on on other threads. I tend to steer clear after I joined a thread about MC when I needed support but there was a PITA girl who had had a MC at 17 weeks and as soon as anyone joined she jumped in with her story as if to prove that she was some kind of super-Mcer ! When I joined she was clearly miffed that my MC had been later than hers and actually quizzed me about the age of the baby and came to the conclusion that we had MC'd at the same time so we were 'even' - WTF !!! It is not a competition you nutter !

News from here is spotting today. Previously I would have been hopeful due to this, however on the 3 cycles we were DEF not trying I spotted around this time so it is just my stupid body, means nothing ! Have had slightly sore boobs a couple of times - nothing significant. I'm on either 6 or 7dpo (depends exactly when O happened). Trying to do some of your relaxingfulness - what a fab new word !

NoMoreMarbles Thu 28-Feb-13 22:40:05

Moomin. Thyroid dysfunction can cause heart murmurs IIRC I will look it up and see as I was told this when I was diagnosed under active... And it is even more likely if it is an over active thyroid too... I hope you get some answers soon and all starts to improvesmile

Murray. I hate to competitive MCers on here! That's one of the reasons I left the "mosh pit" thread as I felt like it was all a big competition as to who was the most suffered MCer...don't lose hope just yet...time will tell so we have about 5-7days wait until you get your BFPwink about 2weeks for me and Buddha...grinand moominwinkgrin

NoMoreMarbles Thu 28-Feb-13 23:10:59

here talks about over active thyroid and heart murmurs...incidentally called an innocent murmur which means it should disappear with the right treatmentsmile

PickledMoomin Fri 01-Mar-13 10:11:36

Happy St David's Day!

GP at 1220. Should get some a answers then.

Thanks for that info - I'll mention that at GP.

Symptoms today ladies?

NoMoreMarbles Fri 01-Mar-13 14:35:46

Hi moomin how was the GPs? any more answers?

i have no symptoms as yet as i dont think i have Oved yet...DH has been irritating me by going to sleep straight away when we go to bed the past few days so i had words and last nigh we had a lovely meal (cooked by mesmile) and he didnt fall asleep...twicewinkgrin we are aiming for every other day/every day at the mo but failing on that front at this early dayhmm

buddha and murray how are you both today? and anyone else lurking not postinggrin

PickledMoomin Fri 01-Mar-13 15:29:03

Celiac results not back. Looks as though he has hypothyroidism but they want to recheck again in a month. He's also anaemic again so our peads appointment will be brought forward. Fun and games.

gomurray Fri 01-Mar-13 20:48:31

Happy St. David's Day Ladies, esp you Moomin !

What a nightmare not having all the results you were hoping for, how disappointing and frustrating. And you (and J) have more tests and more waiting to endure before you get any conclusive answers. Hope you are enjoying your weekend off - you deserve it mrs xx

Marbles, excellent job with the BDing last night what did you cook, I may want to borrow the recipe wink.

Buddha, anything to report my lovely ? Been back for more needles ?...

News from here is that I have had more spotting (brown today - sorry TMI !) which is not out of the ordinary so not nec. imp spotting. I'm sure I keep feeling twinges of 'heavy' boobs (not really sore, maybe a bit achey) and then this evening at about 6pm I was exhausted and am stil really sleepy (off to bed soon) but that could be because I had my fiend's daughter and E to look after all day - it has been busy, busy !

gomurray Fri 01-Mar-13 20:49:52

*friend's !!

gomurray Fri 01-Mar-13 21:03:21

Oh and Marbles I'm sure it was the moshpit where that super-competitive MCer I mentioned was !!

NoMoreMarbles Fri 01-Mar-13 22:26:08

Moomin. Have they started J on meds or are they waiting for all the results? Have you started him on gluten free just in case? It may help with his symptoms of they think he's likely to be coeliac...hope the other results get back soon smile

Murray. Symptoms sound promisinggrin I have my fingers crossed for yousmile

Oh and happy st David's daygrin

PickledMoomin Sat 02-Mar-13 09:15:37

That sounds tiring Murray. Do they play nicely together? How's the spotting today? How long is your LP normally?

No medication as yet Marbles. They'll decide after retesting in a month. Hoping his thyroxin levels may have changed by then.

I'm in London and awake since 745. Rubbish! Met a friend for dinner last night which was lovely. No plans for today but hoping we can get tickets for a musical and go to a restaurant this evening that C has wanted to go to for a while.

BuddhaBelly Sat 02-Mar-13 21:21:31

Moomin Shame you have to wait for a bit longer but at least you're getting some answers. Hope you're having a fantastic time in London wink
Murray All sounds very promising smile yes had more needles yesterday, not so relaxing this time more about draining toxic energy little bit more ouchy smile My witch doctor said that my hormonal balance is ok it's my energy that's deficient, she thinks years of crap sleep courtesy of Ewan and the daily pain I'm in with my back is draining my energy resources which will affect lots of things inc blood etc. Red meat and leafy veg on the menu for me smile
Marbles Lovely looking food on FB wink come and cook for me grin

gomurray Sun 03-Mar-13 08:18:16

Morning ladies. How are we all this morning ?

Buddha, sounds like your acupuncturist is on the ball - you are having the experience I had hoped for smile. It sounds as though she may fix a lot more than just fertility in the process of helping you get PG.

Moomin - how is London town ? Where did you go for dinner ?

Marbles, you been cooking up a storm this weekend ? Any more BDing as a result ?...

I am now on 9dpo, temps are not very high and given that I have a cold (on the way out now hopefully) that doesn't give much hope. My LP used to be 13days but has been more like 11 since my late MC so am due AF any time between Tue-Thu. If no AF by Fri I may test. I am quite reluctant to test early as I could not bear a faint line. If no AF then I'd want to wait until I am definitely late before testing so that if all is well I should see a 'proper' line - a faint line will just mean that am going to have yet another early MC which I'm not sure I can handle - too much pressure now as ALL my friends are PG - I am desperate to join them and will be GUTTED if another MC. I'll cope with AF coming (albeit disappointing) but at least that doesn't mean my body is f@cked up. Plus I kind of feel after a MC that I should wait before trying again so that would just add unwanted delays. I'm hoping I get my blood clotting results next week as I contacted the Consultant's PA last week and she got hold of the results and said that he would write out to me next week with results. TBH I had expected her to tell me over the phone that results came back with nothing... so now have it in my head that there may be an issue (which would almost be good as can be fixed) but I'm sure she is not allowed to give results either way...

BuddhaBelly Sun 03-Mar-13 08:38:58

I know that hoping feeling that something fixable is wrong, we are mad women wanting something to be up, but it gives us hope. I'm sure you're right and the PA can't give out results but I'll hope for fixable issues for you too winkgrin
Definitely a good idea to resist testing, at least I know thanks to the witch doctor that I'm not pg this cycle so even if I'm late I won't cave and test needlessly <saving money>
You sound really low Murray, do your friends "get" how you feel or are they frenemies like Marbles?
Well I managed the baby day, had lots of sniffs cuddles wink Managed not to kidnap any. My lovely friend even text after I left to make sure I was ok, she's a star. The only time I got a bit emotional was when I took down a light up gym thing for her little one to borrow that was E's, it made me a little sad we weren't getting it down the attic for us hmm
Back to work next week, so enjoyed my week off but returning to the grindstone next week.

PickledMoomin Sun 03-Mar-13 16:46:15

I'm on the train home! It's made so much easier by my iPad. I downloaded Child of our time and it's had me very teary. Have you guys watched it?

I'm really looking forward to seeing the kids but I've do enjoyed having time off.

We went to this gastropub in Bermondsey. It's always packed so we were lucky to get a table.

C is nagging me to go on holiday with him. He was a little bit stroppy with me because he wanted to book something there and then but I always put it off. He's keen on Istanbul, Bruges or Cuba. Don't know how I feel about being in a different country to the kids. I'd rather wait until it gets warmer and take them on a beach holiday. C said we can do that too, but that he's taken some time off over Easter that we shouldn't waste.

How has your weekend been ladies?

Lovely of your friend to be so aware of your feelings Bhudda. Hope work isn't too much of a shock to the system.

Good luck with the blood results Murray. FWIW, they'll never give results over the phone, often because they have no idea how to read them. It makes me sad to read what you're feeling and how you're thinking. You've been through such a lot.

gomurray Sun 03-Mar-13 20:31:52

Ladies, sorry for seeming to be so low - I'm not actually ! I had a cheeky wee spa day with my best friend today which was lovely smile. I guess I just seem low because I am not looking forward to the POAS bit of this cycle which is why I want to be SURE I am late and even if I am, it is the colour of the line that will determine whether I get my hopes up even a smidgen. Generally I am feeling fine, just a lot of pressure/fear tied up with the end of this cycle. I'm trying not to get too excited about symptoms as a PG that doesn't last is worse than no PG atall for me at this stage. Having said that, lots of achey boobs today wink

Buddha, your friend is lovely making sure you are ok like that. Mine are a mixed bag - I feel quite left out at the moment as I am not part of the 'gang' - I know they just don't want to rub my nose in the fact that they are all PG but it is even worse feeling left out. I know it is not intentional as they are a lovely bunch - just rubbish circumstances. I have several friends who talk to me about what is happening and understand well so I am not alone by any means and of course I have you ladies to listen to every single gory detail wink

Moomin - that is a bit of a dilemma about holiday with C - tricky leaving kids behind - how many days does he want to go for ?

PickledMoomin Sun 03-Mar-13 21:25:50

I've had enough and sobbed for the last hour.

I left the house spotless on Friday. I come home to a messy kitchen, washing left in tumble dryer, toys left on the side, a dead goldfish, cat wee in the kitchen and none of the kids stuff ready for tomorrow. Plus my wine had been drunk.

I tell D I'm not willing to accept him not leaving the house as he's found it just because he has balls. It's not on. I hate the assumption that I'll put things in the right place. He hasn't had a weekend with them for 5 weeks and doesn't have to do the menial jobs ever.

He was rude to me. Said he could t bare to be in the same room as me and that I could forget Florida. Lays it on thick by bringing his mother into it.

I'm so fed up of being taken advantage of. Parenting isn't just about turning up for an hour for bedtime. I'm left carrying such a load without any family support. I've tried so many times to explain my feelings but I'm always left feeling like I'm banging my head against a brick wall. Wish I didn't let him get to me

NoMoreMarbles Sun 03-Mar-13 21:57:08

Mooning sad gosh It sounds awful! I'm so sorry D is treating you so badly sad has he moved out now? He sounds so disrespectful just brushing you off like that angry sad Relationship breakdowns are awful enough without one party acting do badly! <holds hand> tell him to shove Florida up his hoop and book it with C and the kids insteadwink {{{{hugs}}}}

NoMoreMarbles Sun 03-Mar-13 22:20:13

Well if nowt else my autocorrect swapping your name for mooning... I basically accidentally called you a bum flashgrin soz bout me...wink

PickledMoomin Mon 04-Mar-13 02:13:26

Kids don't know about Florida but I spent ages doing the reading and planning stuff. I actually don't want to go anymore- I don't want him using it against me.
He moved out a long time ago but comes to have them here on 'his' weekends.
Have woken up pissed off and am now struggling to sleep angry

BuddhaBelly Mon 04-Mar-13 07:28:06

What a git! Can he not have the kids at his? angry
How dare he treat you like this. He's meant to be an adult not acting out like one of the kids. Was he like that when you were living together? Or clean and tidy? I don't blame you for wanting to knock Florida on the head and now your Easter holiday timing will be crap if he's going to play dirty hmm <hugs> x

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