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Back in the Zoo for new adventures with old friends

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CaptainNemo Tue 13-Dec-11 16:25:20

Come on over animals, I think we'll be very comfy here smile

PickledMoomin Thu 21-Feb-13 07:20:58

I need to get me some of those!!!

gomurray Thu 21-Feb-13 08:16:03

You'll have to keep dancing ladies as still no blimin' egg sad. I think EWC has dried up so may be an anovulatory cycle sad. Bl00dy typical - I have ovulvated every cycle since my cycles returned and now that we are are trying the egg is too lazy grrrrr.....

BuddhaBelly Fri 22-Feb-13 12:56:06

Murray Shall we send the heavy mob round to sort your eggs out? I'm sure We could come and shout at them smile
Didn't want to post yesterday as I felt it would be running your nose in it, but I saw my acupuncturist yesterday, she felt my pulse and asked if I could be pg, I said no and before I could say anything she said them you are ov-ing it's difficult to tell them apart, went home did opk and it was positive, she's like my little witch doctor winkbit more expensive than a pg test though grin She made me feel very good again, I think I have a crush grin

PickledMoomin Fri 22-Feb-13 14:32:01

Bhudda- hope you've recovered from last night wink

Murray- what's today's update?

It's so cold again. J has a friend over, they're currently dressed as Hook and Peter Pan and sword fighting.

NoMoreMarbles Sun 24-Feb-13 10:31:13

Morning ladiesgrin

Murray did your egg arrive? I have been egg dancing for yousmile

Moomin how is the cold? Better I hopesmile

Buddha when's the next acupuncture session?

All ok heresmile DDs appt for hormonal blood tests and an MRI have arrived so we should be able to get some answers very soon! She is on a strict diet and has lost an amazing 4kg in 3 weeks! We have hope of slowing he progress of the precocious puberty through diet alonegrin looks like she had been getting treats from others despite being told otherwise by them! Now that things are being very strictly controlled she eats the same at home but now gets no treats from others...I knew they were sneaking her crap (PILhmm)

PickledMoomin Sun 24-Feb-13 12:25:38

Glad the appointments have come through already. And that weight loss is amazing. Have you changed what she's eating or portion sizes? I know both of mine has portions that are adult size but L has an amazing appetite.

J is back to hosp on Tues. He needs more blood tests including celiac. Still awaiting his cardiology and dietician appointments.

NoMoreMarbles Sun 24-Feb-13 15:04:23

Moomin we haven't changed a thing at home except pushing more fruit its the sweets and snacks that she had been having in secret outside that have made the difference I thinkangry she seems to be taking the changes wellsmile
Good that the drs are checking J thoroughly smile

gomurray Mon 25-Feb-13 11:57:26

hello ladies !

Marbles wow what fabulous weight loss smile I would be furious if others were giving E treats to the extent that it affected his weight, well done for not exploding with fury !

Moomin you appear to be evading my queries about your relationship with C - spill mrs - all the juicy details (well, within reason !) please !

Buddha WOWEEE I am so envy of your amazing witch Dr lady ! If only my acupuncturist man had been as encouraging. keep us posted mrs smile.

Update from here is that I think the egg finally arrived on Friday - not sure as temps seem high but I also have a cold which can raise temps a bit. EWCM appears to have dried up so either I ov'd on about CD26 (FFS!) or my body has given up trying - either way things are moving which is good. I was soooo frustrated at constant cycle of EWCM building up then drying up then appearing again - grrr !!!
So when did you ov in the end Buddha ? We may be cycle buddies afterall grin.

PickledMoomin Mon 25-Feb-13 20:05:07

Good that you've found that out marble. When is the next appointment?

What do you want to know Murray? Nothing to tell wink
So pleased your egg may have turned up.

Bhuddaaaaaa whhheeerrrreee aarrreeee yyooouuuu?

BuddhaBelly Mon 25-Feb-13 20:48:49

Moomin Here I am grin Been busy decluttering, organising and moving my house around, I'm knackered! wink
Marbles Well done S, she's done so well, can't believe how naughty the in laws have been, mine are a bit like that, they don't listen either confused
Murray Well at least the egg finally made an appearance, I got a +ve opk on Thursday which means ov in 24-36 hrs but only dtd Friday as DH as a chest infection, so may have missed it hmm
I've got a week off work so going to do lots of nice things, meet up with people I haven't seen for a while etc. After today's cleaning spree I'm off to order a steam cleaner, so excited (how has my life come to this?) grin

PickledMoomin Mon 25-Feb-13 20:58:34

Come and see meeeee. And bring the steam cleaner!

gomurray Mon 25-Feb-13 21:34:48

Buddha it is lovely to hear you so upbeat - the needles obviously agree with you smile. Are you having to boil and drink stinky tea ? Sounds like some pre-PG nesting going on there wink.

Moomin come on ! SPILL ! Is it a serious relationship ? Or are you just having fun ?...

When can I start symptom spotting ?... even though I'm not 100% sure there was an egg ! 3dpo seems a bit early...?

gomurray Mon 25-Feb-13 21:36:29

Oh and we have a VAX All-terrain carpet shampooer thingy - DP loves it - saddo !!!!

NoMoreMarbles Mon 25-Feb-13 22:25:01


Murray you can symptom spot as early as you like lovey! I think 3dpo is good enough place to startsmile so go on what symptoms do you have?

Buddha I did my big clean last week and I would have been majorly excited with a steam cleaner! grin

Moomin did J have his tests today? Or was it later in the week? smile

DH and I are giving it good welly this month on the TTC stakes as he (and mesmile) is majorly broody after the arrival of our DNsmile she is beautiful and we are getting loads of snuggly newborn cuddles! I remember a while back on the TTC thread we were on someone saying newborn baby smell helps with TTC so I have been sniffing her lovely brand new baby head grin oh I luffs her ALOT! DD has been rather jealous of all the attention her little cousin is getting but has begged for a little baby brother or sister almost every day in the 2 weeks since the new baby arrived...who are we to not try and give her what she wantswinksmile

BuddhaBelly Tue 26-Feb-13 06:21:50

Moomin I should have arranged to come see you shouldn't I? Next time I promise, at least ill have the steam cleaner by then wink
Murray Come on I do enjoy a good symptom spot, no nasty herbs/tea for me thank god!
Marbles Nothing like a newborn to raise the broodiness grin Ewan told me the other day that I was going to have a baby in my tummy and it was his little sister! No idea where that came from as we don't talk in front if him about it, maybe he's psychic? <crosses fingers and hopes a bit more>

BuddhaBelly Tue 26-Feb-13 08:56:30

Must be a glutton for punishment I'm spending the day with all three of the girls I work with who have just had babies so will be surrounded by an 11 week old, 7 week old and 4 week old shock Are they too old to sniff? winkgrin

NoMoreMarbles Tue 26-Feb-13 14:04:39

nope...the 4 week old is still new smile sniff loads!! grin

gomurray Tue 26-Feb-13 18:56:59

Moomin I saw your FB post about J's tests, sounds like there is a whole lot going on - hope you get some answers soon, must be such a worry. Hugs xx

Marbles good news about activity on TTC front - where are you cycle-wise ?I had also heard the old wives tale about cuddling newborns aiding fertility. I remember the week before I found out I was PG with DS I held 2 babies (not newborns) which for me was a miracle as I used to avoid holding babies like the plague (didn't really like them !!!). Then this Jan my friend's son was born and our mutual friend who has been TTC for 3 years insisted on lots of 'fetility cuddles' and is now PG !!! I have been cuddling him whenever I get the chance now that we are TTC again grin Who are we to argue with an old wives tale ?...!

Buddha how was your day ? That must have been a tough one - I find it hard meeting people with babies (esp ones that have been conceived and born since our baby died) but to meet 3 at once is just torture - well done you for even agreeing to meet them all - hope you got lots of fertility cuddles smile. Are you also 4 dpo then ?... anything to report ?...

Low temp today so still a bit unsure about whether I ov'd, however I googled and apparently if you have a cold (which I do) and sleep with your mouth open (which I did !) the temp will often be recorded very low, so hoping it is just that... Symptoms... none today really - had mild cramping and occasional boob tenderness 1-3 dpo - nothing else so far, will keep you posted.

PickledMoomin Tue 26-Feb-13 21:42:31

I love that you girlies are posting to much and that I now have e iPad but I hate that the app doesn't let you see other posts when replying.

Glad today is over. J had an allergic reaction to the 'magic cream' even though they used a different one to last time.... The vein they chose flowed very slowly and they needed a lot of blood. He was so brave but it took a long time. We should hopefully get the results by Friday.

Yes, Bhudda, you should be visiting me. grin

Murray - I asked C how serious we were. He said we're silly all the time .... You should hear the way we talk.

I'm loving all these baby cuddle talks. I've been with my friend and her six month old this pm. He's not interested in weaning so I told her about BLW (she was too nervous to contemplate it) so I let him suck on one of J's strawberries. He LOVED it. I still love babies but I'm pretty sure I'll never have another one. They'll soon be some here to coo over.

BuddhaBelly Wed 27-Feb-13 08:14:08

Moomin As if it wasn't bad enough that poor J had to have more tests, them it doesn't go as planned hmm bless him. At least it's not long till the results. I reckon you need to get rid of Cs mobile and iPad before you can get "serious" winkgrin
Murray Yes 4dpo well 5 today. No symptoms pretty sure we missed it hmm Lets hope yours continue. I missed out its Friday I see all 3 babies together, I just saw the 11 wk one yesterday, I see them regularly and his mum is a bit worried about me seeing everyone Friday bless her, but I'm looking forward to it smile
Marbles I'm getting my best sniffs ready for Friday winkgrin

NoMoreMarbles Wed 27-Feb-13 08:50:16

moomin poor J! S had the magic cream when she had the last set of her blood tests and it really helped so booo that poor J is allergic sad hope he is ok and it all turns out to be something easily fixed without major diet changes etc

buddha your friend sounds nice! smile my friend who has had 2 babies in the time we have been TTC has no problem rubbing my face in that fact (not so much friend more frienemy...) get loads of snuggly baby sniffy cuddles and then POAS next weekwink

murray how were your temps this morning? i started temping but have jumped up forgetting to do it the last few dayshmm i hope your Ov has happened and you have caught the egg this cyclesmile

Im on CD 11/12 today i think so Ov not due until the weekend im guessing...we are just going to DTD every day/other day and hope for the bestgrin in other news...S has transformed into an angel the last couple of idea what is different but i like it! she has been very stroppy the last couple of weeks (hormoneshmm) and it was starting to drive me up the wall! we have had 3 relaxed mornings in a row now...its usually a battle of wills to get her up and dressed and out of the house! i have arrived early to work every day! my manager must think i poo'ed the bedgrin

BuddhaBelly Wed 27-Feb-13 09:27:36

Marbles What a vile friend frenemey definitely one you could do without! angry

I'm loving that we are all posting regularly especially as I've taken a sabbatical from my other thread as all the regular TTCers are now pg and I feel kinda left out, far too much baby talk which is lovely for them but stings a bit. Also there was a huge bust up between two posters and I just don't feel comfortable with it blush

NoMoreMarbles Wed 27-Feb-13 12:42:58

ooo what happened <nosey>wink

BuddhaBelly Wed 27-Feb-13 15:18:41

PM'd you Marbles wink

PickledMoomin Wed 27-Feb-13 16:06:19

I want all the goss!! I did nose at a bit of what happened but that was a week or so ago.

Stay away from that muppet marbles. Lovely news that S has been a delight. Makes such a difference, doesn't it?

Called L's school today. I had paid too much dinner money (oops!). Secretary spent a few mins telling me how lovely L is and that she could take her home (please!!) and that she's a credit to me. Was so proud but also felt terrible because I'm constantly on at her. My expectations are incredibly high and she always wants to please. So hard to find the right balance when you're a naturally critical person. Must try harder.

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