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Back in the Zoo for new adventures with old friends

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CaptainNemo Tue 13-Dec-11 16:25:20

Come on over animals, I think we'll be very comfy here smile

NoMoreMarbles Wed 09-Jan-13 22:24:43

murray YAY! For your appointment! I really hope they can give you some answers and fix whatever is putting you through this hell.

moomin glad J is doing better with the dairy free diet! That is brilliant news!

buddha how are you? Not been around much lately. Hope all is k smile

I seem to be lessening with the symptoms so hopefully the flare was a short one and I don't carry on feeling shite for ages! On the TTC front we have barely DTD this cycle as I was Ill and now DH is ill! Either way I feel AF-y so no doubt she will arrive with style at the weekend! I'm off to sunny London on Saturday for a work conference with all expenses paid (free bar, hotel room and meals! Did I mention free bar?wink) so I kind of hope I'm not up the spout his cycle <TTC blasphemy> but that AF stays away until Sunday afternoon when I get home!

gomurray Fri 11-Jan-13 20:20:42

Yay Marbles enjoy the free bar and wee break on the company smile xx

PickledMoomin Fri 11-Jan-13 20:38:25

Not jealous of the free bar at all!

How are we all?

gomurray Thu 17-Jan-13 12:50:23

Aftenoon ladies - how is everyone ?

I had GP appt and all looks ok except they forgot to test progesterone which IMO is the most likely to be an issue !! Anyway, I'm going for day 21 bloods next Thu to test for progesterone and apparently results are quick for that hormone so results should be available to consultant on 29th - fingers crossed. I saw that my FSH levels are still pretty good (indicator of ovarian reserve) so despite my advancing years eggs still in good shape which is good news smile. Let's hope news from consultant is good too.

Buddha what news from you my dear ?

Marbles AF here ? Good jolly with work last wknd ?

Moomin how are you my lovely lady ?

NoMoreMarbles Thu 17-Jan-13 13:55:04

Hi murray smile great news about the results! have they tested for clotting factors yet? the GP can do these but the Consultant will test for this anyway. thats where they found my problems but i never had a day 21 test as my cycle was that erratic and half the time i didnt ovulate at all so my Prog levels remain an unknown quantityhmm

AF has yet to arrive but getting BFN so i doubt theres any reason for it to stay away for long...i am on CD 35 todayhmm feeling dizzy and very tired, sore boobs, bloated tummy etc but nope...BFN all the wayhmm i had a really good time at the conference on saturday! didnt get too drunk and had a big, lovely hotel room all to myself so i was happy grin

How is everyone else?

PickledMoomin Thu 17-Jan-13 13:55:24

Good news at last Murray. How did they not test progesterone?? Least it's being done in time for appointment.

All fine here. The snow is due to hot hard this weekend so I've just been out to get new gear for the kids. If it doesn't snow now I'm not going to be happy wink

Supposed to be going to London tomorrow eve but ill have to see what happens with the weather.

PickledMoomin Fri 18-Jan-13 15:47:44

Have you all had a snow day today?
Started snowing at 5 and we got a good covering. Starting to melt now.
Am on the train to London though I feel like I'm journeying up Narnia wink

gomurray Fri 18-Jan-13 19:05:17

Hey Moomin - lucky you with snow, we got none, gutted ! Your two looked like they were having fun on their sledges. Have fun in London, assume you are meeting Mr. Handsome - you lucky lady wink

Marbles I had bloods done for clotting issues, the point of the consultant appt is to get results of those - been told several times that it is highly unlikely that anything will come of it though so we'll see... Not good that AF messing with your head, presumably you ov'd late this cycle. Chin up love. Sounds like you are quite level headed about it albeit I know it is difficult when all the 'signs' are there xx

Buddha what news ?...

NoMoreMarbles Fri 18-Jan-13 21:01:59

Hi ladies smile

AF arrived with style yesterday so CD2 today for me! We have snow! Lots of the stuff and below freezing temps so icy as well I fell over blush

NoMoreMarbles Fri 18-Jan-13 21:08:10

Whoops posted too soon...

murray good that you have already had the bloods taken...I waited for the appt and then for the results and then the follow up appt etc and the waiting totally sucks so hopefully they will be able to help quickly and get you on the road to a sticky BFP!

moomin have a great time in London!

PickledMoomin Sat 19-Jan-13 08:37:23

It's cold in London and I'm awake. I wish I could sleep until midday! Why does your body forget how to do that?

Went out for a lovely meal last night. Ate too much (but also ate something with nuts in) and felt horrific. Came back to the flat and sat next to the toilet for an hour burping whilst C rubbed my back. How attractive am I?!

Any snow now Murray? Have you been forecast any?

PickledMoomin Sat 19-Jan-13 08:38:56

Is the ice melting, Marbles? Did you hurt yourself when you fell? Did anyone see??
Sorry AF got you.
How is S now? Is she still seeing a consultant?

NoMoreMarbles Sat 19-Jan-13 23:43:26

pickled I fell in one of those slow-mo comedy arms flapping kind of way but no one saw me fall did it really happen then <existential> and I landed on my hands and knees on the pavement outside my friends house!blush S has been referred to Endocrinologists now as she has been diagnosed with Precocious Puberty as well! We had noticed some body changes the past few months but the consultant wouldn't refer us until recently... They did an X-ray and blood tests and turns out she is having her pre pubescent growth spurt now...3years earlier than she should and they need to try and stop it! I'm really quite worried about her as it can be caused by scary things like brain tumours etc sad I don't know an awful lot about it as google is not a friendly place when it is concerning combined Precocious Puberty and Epilepsy...

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Sun 20-Jan-13 07:10:55

Sorry for being MIA but two new babies and one about to pop in rl has been hard on me especially as they all started ttc after me so I've been putting my head in the sand hmm
Murray not checking hormones etc all tests for me done, all normal inc progesterone. DH is having his tests done weds (don't think he's particularly looking forward to them) then a referral to hospital. Not that I think it will be if any help, need to think negatively as I can't cope getting hopes up to be dashed again.
Can't believe they didn't test for progesterone on yours, how frustrating! More unbelievable you have no snow?!? shock
Marbles ouch to falling over. Poor S she's got it all going on at the moment. How's she feeling in herself? Boo to af, but lovely to see you posting again
Talking of posting again Moomin shock you're back grin Hope C didn't keep you waiting too long Friday night. Love the sexy look over the toilet winkgrin classy chick.

PickledMoomin Sun 20-Jan-13 07:27:31

Marbles- it's such a worrying time for you. How long is it likely to be before you get any answers? Is she on medication? Could it be a side effect? If they were worried, they wouldn't take any chances. They'd get in her and test straight away. Stay away from google!!

PickledMoomin Sun 20-Jan-13 07:30:03

Buddha I was just thinking of you. Only waited 5 mins on fri. It's unheard of. My moaning must be working.
It's so hard to be happy for other people when they have what you want. I remember how sad I used to feel, particularly if people weren't even trying. Focus on your appointment. You might not even need it!

Sorry for the double post again. This app doesn't allow you to see the thread whilst you reply hmm

Why am I awake??? Stupid body clock!

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Sun 20-Jan-13 09:04:48

Moomin I wanted a lie in too but between DH and DS it was a no go angry Glad to see the moaning was working on C wink

PickledMoomin Sun 20-Jan-13 11:42:11

It's now snowing in London (again!)

Imagine if I get stuck here and can't get home grin

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Sun 20-Jan-13 13:36:18

You wish Moomin wink

PickledMoomin Sun 20-Jan-13 14:36:03

Just got on the train but there are huge delays!

PickledMoomin Mon 21-Jan-13 22:25:53

Where've you all gone? I come back and you leave wink

Rubbish day. D's Mum (90) had a fall and has broken her hip. She needs surgery. He's going to have his hands full with her and his SEN sister.

I have my rheumatology appointment on Thursday. Feeling nervous but C is coming back.

GP has decided to get a second opinion on J's lymph nodes. I think it's unnecessary but obviously want to be cautious.

Think I'll move into the hospital grin

Sleep tight x

gomurray Tue 22-Jan-13 20:35:47

Moomin as if we'd leave as you returned !! It is lovely to have you back lady smile. Why are you nervous about appt ? What do you think will happen ? Are they running tests, giving results ?... Let us know how it goes. Is C going with you ? What is SEN sister ?...

Buddha I feel for you having babies pop out all over the place - same here at the moment too and a few new PGs into the bargain grrrr... Much as I am happy for my friends I JUST WANT MY TURN !! Anyway, when are DH's tests ? How is he feeling about them ? I'm not sure if we will have to go down the sperm analysis route but if we do I know DP will HATE it. It is ridiculous when you consider what women have to go through in the pursuit of pregnancy, then pregnancy itself, labour and then the pain that is BFing - all men have to do is pleasure themselves into a pot and they are so whingey about it !!!

Marbles I cannot imagine how worried you are about DD - how awful, but def keep away from google as you are only ever 2 clicks away from something very serious. Are there other mums on here with children going through the same ?... So sorry AF got you mrs, but given the worry you are experiencing it is little wonder that you are not on top form health wise - how are you feeling now ? Big Hugs xx

Nothing to report from here - have day 21 bloods tomorrow then off for a kid-free wknd with DP to Munich on Fri - can't wait ! I'm going to enjoy the beer then I'm off alcohol again when I get back - eeek ! All in the name of baby-making wink

PickledMoomin Tue 22-Jan-13 20:55:45

Good luck for bloods Murray!
I'm not a fan of hospitals and I do feel like my 'condition' has worsened over the year. My left side isn't particularly good. You wouldn't know it to look at me but I focus on it a lot. I worry that they'll worry me. But C will be there providing he can get through the snow grin
SEN (special needs)
J has a bit of a cough and is being such a man about it!!

PickledMoomin Tue 22-Jan-13 20:56:28

Oh and it's my initial consultant with rheumatology now that neurology have finished with me.

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Tue 29-Jan-13 10:37:10

Sorry sorry sorry for being AWOL have a brew or wine to apologise!
On phone (at work) so no personals blush Hoping to get dh's test results this week but he forgot to ask how long they take angry men!
Will try to catch up later x

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