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Back in the Zoo for new adventures with old friends

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CaptainNemo Tue 13-Dec-11 16:25:20

Come on over animals, I think we'll be very comfy here smile

PickledMoomin Mon 19-Dec-11 08:50:07

Bhudda Did you have a two day hangover??
Turk Really jealous of your sunshine right now. Maybe you could just send it this way for an hour?

Sorry for so many posts. You can't any previous posts with the app so I have to keep going back and reading...

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Mon 19-Dec-11 15:50:56

moonin I agree the app is a bit of a pain that you cant see previous posts and obviously your memory is as good as mine winkgrin Just a one day hangover for me, what about you?
Mummy I see from fb poor N has a broken arm sad poor little sausage. Is he being very brave?
Nemo how was Saturday?

Turkelton Mon 19-Dec-11 21:29:54

Murray thinking of you, hope things are as ok as they can be xxx
Moomin How is the hangover grin Oh I wish I could swap all this sun for a little bit of cold right now, t'is not naturally having an xmas tree up in this weather shock
Budda A is much better, back to her bossy little self, for such a small person she is unbelievably bossy! Hope is E is on the mend now and all set for Santa grin
Mummy Seen on fb here too, hope N is ok xxx
Nemo Hope the sickness is behaving itself smile

All is quiet here really.DH is really feeling homesick and would love to go home sad so we are looking at a possible move back in 18 months. My deadline is that we are settled and decided before the twinlets start preschool (hard to believe that is in 20 months!) Very torn here at the minute as well over weather or not to ttc #3. Obviously if we are not staying put here might be better to wait until we are home, a bit hard to think that rationally when the broodiness takes over though.

SeldomSeenCake Mon 19-Dec-11 21:51:22

Hi ladies grin

murray lovely to see you here xx I hope you are doing as well as you say xx keep posting xx

moomin glad the lupus tests came back normal x are the drs goin to retest the B12? Pernicious anaemia can cause the same/similar kind of drained feeling and you would need it monitoring. Hope you are ok smile

mummylimited poor E!! Hope he is ok (saw your FB updated before) boys eh!

nemo sorry you are still suffering the sickness x I made some lovely jam jar lanterns with S the other day! Took about an hour to do one so do 2 grin it is just a jam jar, washed out. Glitter glue and little Xmas confetti bits/ pics cut out of wrapping paper. I gave S a paint brush and sat her at the table and left her to it grin I know T will need a bit more supervision but it's not too tasking so you could sit back and let her make a bit glittery mess and then a nice long bath grin

turk I'm not jealous at all of your beautiful not me wink hope A is feeling better xx

bhudda aww hope your E gets better soon x

hi to everyone I haven't mentioned directly...this app doesn't help those with ye olde seive Braine syndrome!!blush

SeldomSantasBaby Mon 19-Dec-11 23:41:54

dya like my new festive name? grin

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Tue 20-Dec-11 18:04:53

SeldomSantasBaby very impressed grin

SeldomSantasBaby Thu 22-Dec-11 01:31:36

Thanks <<twirls red skirt with fluffy white trim>> I have made puff pastry mince pies and Xmas pud truffles for us all... They're on the log table grin

Mummylimited Thu 22-Dec-11 06:54:50

Thanks for all the well wishes for N. Hopefully he will only have the cast on for 3 weeks and luckily a friend of ours is an arm/hand specialist at the hospital so he has had a look at the x-rays for us.

A broken arm is not slowing him down AT ALL, although he is a bit more highly strung & whiney about stuff so deep breaths all round.

Turk Sorry that you're feeling homesick. How long has it been now? Maybe you at OH will feel better after Christmas.

Murray Hope you're doing OK?

Hello to everyone else

Must dash as supposed to be on-line to renew library books - oops

CaptainNemo Thu 22-Dec-11 22:31:10

Hi, just dropping in to say sorry for not posting. Although I did post on sunday via the app but my stupid phone said it lost connection when I went to post it and deleted the sodding thing...

It was a pretty moany post tbh, so my phone may have done you a favour. I started a headache at about 4pm on saturday and it just got worse and worse and lasted until monday afternoon sad Spent the entire day in bed on sunday, felt like my head was in a vice. Took paracetamol and codeine (was desperate!) but it didn't even touch it. Very annoyingly sleeping made it worse, when I woke up it felt like my head was going to crack open. Was awake from 1.30am onwards on monday morning, not pleasant!!

Anyway. Better now. But been over doing it I think so sickness now back in force. Marvellous.

Will stop moaning now, sorry!

Is everyone looking forward to christmas?

Murray how are you doing?

Mummy how is N getting on with his cast? Such awful timing! Though I suppose at least there are plently of things around to distract him at this time of year... Hope that's helping!

SantasBaby what a lovely outfit! You look GOR-JUS! Is S massively excited about christmas? I'm enjoting the fact that T's now starting to understand what it's all about but isn't yet at the stage where she's likely to be so excited about it she'll be up at 4am! I suspect that may change in a few years' time though...!

Buddha how's the hangover? Long gone by now I hope! Or replaced by several new ones since then? You party animal wink How are you feeling about the whole TTC lark at the mo?

Moomin you're no better! Have you been leading Buddha astray?!? What's L getting for christmas this year?

Turk I'm sorry to hear about the homesickness, it must be especially bad at this time of year... Do you think it's something it'll pass or will you just have to wait and see? Will you be seeing any family over christmas?

Sorry fopr the rubbish post, am feeling totally crap... But not working tomorrow so planning a lazy morning while T's at the childminders so get up to full fighting strength for the weekend! Night all xx

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Sat 24-Dec-11 07:37:57

Happy Christmas Eve ladies
nemo sorry to hear you've been so poorly especially on top of the ever present sickness too sad Did you enjoy your quality "me" time while T was at nursery?
Murray how are you sweets?
Mummy Is Santa going to sign N's cast wink

Thankfully hangover had gone by 3pm hmm good job I only go out about twice a year grin I'm hoping not too get too frazzled today and intend not to get stressed out until at least noon!!

In case I don't get on again I'll wish you all a Merry Christmas smile

CaptainNemo Sun 25-Dec-11 09:12:55

Happy Christmas animals!! Hope you all have a lovely day! 9.09am and STILL haven't opened stocking presents.... Waiting for (D)H to get back from church..... I know that's what Christmas is all about an' all but reeeeeeally!!!! T being much more patient than me! Ah well, at least we all still have it to look forward to I guess!
Just heard my sister's friend FINALLY had her baby at 8.25 last night, was induced as 15 days late, poor girl!! But all good now, what a Christmas present! grin

Lots of love to all grin grin xx

PickledMoomin Sun 25-Dec-11 09:53:42

Merry Christmas animals!
Presents have been opened here and L has taken hers to her room. I probably won't see her again today wink.
Have lots of fun. Xx

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Sun 25-Dec-11 14:47:55

Happy Christmas my lovely ladies hope you and your loved ones are having a fantastic day smile
I've temporarily snuck away from the madness and considering a nap wink

SeldomSantasBaby Sun 25-Dec-11 17:05:17

Hi ladiessmile I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas day xxx

Mine has not been too merrysad my lovely grandad died at 3am todaysadsad DH and I have kept the news from Sian today and plan to tell her tomorrow/tuesday so she gets to have a lovely day. I'm glad to say she hasn't noticed anything amiss or if she has she hasn't said anything.

I'm at a loss as to what to do for my dad who is devastated but I suppose being with him will be ok until we are able to help with the practical side of things.

Speak soon xx

PickledMoomin Sun 25-Dec-11 17:42:13

So sorry to hear this sad. Today must have been do hard for you. How old was he? Had he been poorly?
Just be there for your dad. Having you all around him will be a huge comfort. Lots of love xxx

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Sun 25-Dec-11 20:32:55

Seldom So sorry to hear about your grandad sad sad news at this time of year always seem worse than at any other time. Like Moomin said just being there for your Dad is the best thing x

CaptainNemo Sun 25-Dec-11 21:13:52

So sorry to hear your sad news Seldom, such a dificult thing to have to deal with at any time of year, but especially at the moment, and especially today sad Sending much love to you and your family, it must have been so hard keeping it from S today but I'm sure you did the right thing. Hope the next few days go as well as they can, be kind to yourself sad

SeldomSantasBaby Mon 26-Dec-11 15:37:05

Thanks ladies xxsad

CaptainNemo Thu 29-Dec-11 08:17:03

Aargghhhh!! Am SO pissed off with the FECKING USELESS mumsnet app, yet again I've just written a long message which then deleted itself when I tried to post it and yet again I haven't got time to do another one now.... Grrr..... Back later xx

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Thu 29-Dec-11 16:09:02

Have you tried copying the text in case you lose it? Just a thought please don't throw your phone at me grin

CaptainNemo Thu 29-Dec-11 21:01:23

I know Buddha - I'm not sure who I'm most angry with, me or mumsnet!

Well I finally have some good news for you all, although you haven't had the build up to it seeing as you didn't get my message this morning, but.......

It's a boy!! grin

Am quite terrified though, I have absolutely no idea what to do with a blue one.... But needless to say DH is delighted, and I know MIL will be too, currently she has 7 granddaughters and no grandsons!

Impala Thu 29-Dec-11 21:30:45

Well hello fellow animals! Impala (aka CriCri) here. I was browsing MN and spotted this thread so immediately had a read through. Wow, so much has happened! First of all, congratulations to Nemo for No. 2, that is brilliant news grin When is your EDD? Sorry, you must have mentioned it somewhere on the thread but I missed it blush
Sorry to hear the sad news from Murray and Seldom. Seldom really sorry about your granddad, what a horrible thing to happen at Christmas. Obviously there is never a good time, but at this time of year it's even worse sad Thinking of you and your family x
Murray Sorry to hear about your mc (I assume it was a mc?) In your last post you sounded very positive, hope that is still the case.
Turkelton I've been following all your news on FB, it sounds like you've really settled in in Oz and are enjoying a great lifestyle. Is it the huge distance from home which is making the homesickness worse for your DP? Has he managed to make friends there? It must be hard to contemplate coming back in 18 months' time having decided to make the move originally. It's not quite the same, but DH and I moved to Holland nearly 6 years ago now and we ended up staying there just a year for various reasons, even though we had planned to stay for longer. You have to do what is right for you at the end of the day. The only thing I can say is that living abroad even for a short period of time does change you, things are never quite the same when you do come back.
I also need a crib sheet because I'm struggling to remember who is who!
All OK here, still struggling to get my head round the fact that E is three! Where has the time gone?? No plans for No. 2, she's going to be an only. DH and I have thoroughly enjoyed the adventure so far, but neither of us is desperate to go through it again. I think I could persuade him if I really wanted to, but I have no burning desire tbh. We're no spring chickens for a start - he's 48 next year and I'm turning 40 (can't believe that either!). I spend most of my time worn out as it is, really don't think I could cope with a second one. We're still having sleeping problems - she wakes once most nights and I either end up going to sleep with her (she's in a double bed) or she'll come into our bed - but it's much better than it was. She doesn't have a nap any more either so is usually in bed and asleep by 6.45 pm at the latest grin At least we have our evenings back!
We had a great Christmas, but it just seemed to be over so quickly! All that build-up and it was over in a flash. Still, E thoroughly enjoyed it and was completely spoiled.
Will try to keep up with this thread, but forgive me in advance if I disappear for days at a time. I work in the evenings and if I have lots on I don't get chance to even read MN, let alone post! I should download the MN app but it sounds more trouble than it's worth from the various comments on here, especially from Nemo
Happy new year everybody!

BuddhaBelly Fri 30-Dec-11 13:22:32

Nemo Welcome to a whole world of blue trouble grin wink mmwwaahhhh grin Is T quite chilled out and easy going if so you could be in for a shock! But how brilliant one of each flavour such good news! Oh and look out for nappy changes much messier with a boy tinkling everywhere wink
Impala How lovely to see you again! Loving the FB photo's of E she has grown soooo much.
As far as crib sheet goes
moomin is sparkly
mummylimited is TeeHee
gomurray is Mibbes
Buddha is MollyMooMa
Turkleton is
SeldomSeenCakes is EI
Forgive me if I've forgotten anyone that is posting with us now

murray How are you feeling my lovely?
Moomin How is J's sleeping? Still improved?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas? New year will be quiet for me as DH does some door work in the evenings now and is working so E and I are going to Mum and Dads instead.
I'm OVing at the moment, so we've had a busy few days wink will be on the 2WW shortly so look out for manic symptom spotting and feel free to slap me at any point!

PickledMoomin Fri 30-Dec-11 15:37:58

I hate this app. It's absolutely shite. Maybe we should start a thread and suggest improvements to tech support.
I want to be able to see people's posts, see how many posts there are to establish if there is news and I want to flip the thread. Not a happy moonin.

Christmas was pretty uneventful. The kids loved it, had too many presents and my clothes seem to have shrunk... Not getting on brilliantly with DH. The spark seems to have gone out. Not really sure how to play it... I'll post more when I have time.

Nemo Woohoo. A blue one. I love having a daughter but I LOVE having a son. Boys are so cwtchy and yummy. You're going to have lots of fun! Thrilled for you.

Bhudda J's sleep is improving slowly. He's settling himself in the evening (but still calls out for me) and during the night he's probably waking two or three times. He wet the bed for the first time last night. He was very sad- D said he'd forgotten to take him to the toilet before bed....

Impala It's lovely to have you back and catch up on your news.

Murray Are you lurking? I hope Christmas went smoothly for you.

Ei How are you doing lovely? I keep seeing that you're not sleeping. I hope things settle soon for you. When is the funeral?

Turk Was it strange having Christmas in the heat?

Love to all and a VERY happy new year. Is anyone doing anything special?

Sparky xxx

BuddhaBelly Sat 31-Dec-11 14:46:59

Well lovely ladies I'm so glad we've had a reunion this year and look forward to spending 2012 with you all. Here's to a year filled with more happiness than sadness and bfps (for those that want them)
Happy new year! smile

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