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Dolls for boys - suggestions and thoughts please

(22 Posts)
bobblyboris Tue 29-Nov-11 16:14:42

We have a DS (1yr) and we are expecting another DC soon. Would like to get DS a doll as part of his Christmas present as I think he would like playing with one (he seems to when playing with other friends DD's dolls) and think it might help him preparing with the upcoming arrival of DC2. However, my husband, being the ever alpha male, is a bit against it angry, (particularly I think) if it would be a really girly type doll. I would like to find a doll which was more aimed at boys / unisex as all of then do seem to be more for girls so would love any suggestions and also peoples experiences of this?

WheezyPeeze Tue 29-Nov-11 16:25:05

BabyBorn have a boy doll, dressed in blue. I did the same thing and got one for DS1 when I was expecting DS2. DS1 loves the doll. In fact he's going through a bit of a phase with it at the moment and demands that the doll is treated as an extra member of the family. Now he wants to get it a pram.

wonkylegs Tue 29-Nov-11 16:28:41

Elc newborn they do a boy and a girl - anatomically correct but otherwise no fancy bells and whistles or annoying bits it's also reasonably priced. My 3.5yo DS's got it (last Xmas) and he loves it. He changes it's nappy and it sits in his chair and watches him play cars grin

101North Tue 29-Nov-11 16:31:00

i bought a doll for my 10mo ds as he liked to pat and eat his cousins dollies.

I've removed the frilly nonsense she was dressed in and put 'him' in some nice dungarees i made from an old tshirt.

It'll do til he's older and wants him/her undressed. he/she has an awful plastic slit that i think even a little girl would be horrified to discover, can you buy dolls with willies? I always thought baby dolls were sexless hmm

wonkylegs Tue 29-Nov-11 17:09:39

Nope DS's has definitely got a tiny winky

PippiLongBottom Tue 29-Nov-11 17:15:14

Last year all my three got dolls and prams for Christmas. I have 2 boys. DS1 who was just four wanted a 'brown baby with a winkie' so that's what he got grin.

Catsu Tue 29-Nov-11 17:23:40

Ds2 had the boy doll from elc and the blue buggy. He loved pushing it around, I'd recommend getting the buggy too, they are quite cheap and will get loads of use!

Lovethesea Tue 29-Nov-11 19:10:42

Easy here as we had bought DD one to prepare her at 19 months for her little brothers arrival. Just a nondescript baby which came in a blue sleepsuit. Though it never gets dressed anymore, just found and lost on a weekly basis.

We have the blue ELC pushchair too and it's great - today DS (now 17 months) spent ages pushing a very large red bus round and round in the pushchair grin

Albrecht Tue 29-Nov-11 20:14:23

Ds is 17 months and I'm going to get him one for Christmas. I'm not pregnant but one day ds might have a child himself so why shouldn't he get to practice a bit on a doll.

Don't let your dh pretend its a girl's toy, point out to him that he changes, dresses, feeds, carries, plays with ds and so ds will probably like to pretend to be him and look after his own baby. (I hope he does all those things btw!)

bobblyboris Tue 29-Nov-11 20:17:51

Hi Thanks everyone. I will def be dragging my DH into the 21st (even 20th century) and getting one for my little boy : )

Sparklingbrook Tue 29-Nov-11 20:19:25

My DS loved pushing his cuddly toys around in one of those toy buggies. Happy days........

Lilyloo Tue 29-Nov-11 20:23:57

Definately get one of the little buggies we have one at pre school and the little boys love it !

Indith Tue 29-Nov-11 20:27:26

My ds is coming up 5 and has just taken custody of on eof my old boy dolls. He goes to bed with it every night smile. His little sister already had a couple of my old dolls and since I have been pg again one of them has become her baby, baby gets dressed in her and ds's old baby clothes, goes for walks, has meals with us in the old highchair (and has to have food on the tray) and ds really, really wanted a baby of his own.

MooMooMama Tue 29-Nov-11 20:36:19

We got twin baby dolls and a little 3 wheeler buggy for DS1 when we were preparing him for the arrival of his twin brother and sister. John Lewis do quite 'manly' (well, they're black and red, anyway!) toy buggies and dolls which are just a head with soft material bodies (no anatomical issues there...) - he loved it for the first few months when he was starting to adapt to having little babies in the house. He doesn't really play with them a year on, but they were a really useful thing to have at the time.

MrsMagnolia Wed 30-Nov-11 19:33:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

radstar Wed 30-Nov-11 20:02:43

We got a little baby doll in a blue suit from early learning centre. Ds loves it, it has a soft body and he went through a stage of taking it everywhere, nursery, bed etc

It really worked for us, I know I'm biased but ds1 is very caring towards the doll and his baby brother, he likes to do all the feeding and changing, "my baby" as he calls it is currently weaning alongside ds2! The accessories for that are pink though, it doesn't bother any of us (dh included)

I found that you can use the doll to reinforce messages of how you want your older child to be ie, "must be gentle when we cuddle the baby" and "shh baby is asleep" all that sort of thing. It must have worked as I get told off for being too noisy when baby is asleep!

peppajay Thu 01-Dec-11 16:53:44

My 3.5 yr old has rejected his cars and trains for dolls, buggies and handbags because this is all his sister plays. He hasnt touched a boys toy for months but seems very happy playing babies. Out of the home tho he is such a bisterousos boy full of energy running around at full speed!!! The ELC laughing luke is a good one for a boy!! x

SecretSquirrels Thu 01-Dec-11 16:57:25

We knew DC2 was a boy and so I bought DS1 a baby boy doll in preparation. He loved charging about with it in a cheap little buggy.

tabsgranddad Mon 22-Dec-14 00:38:30

There is a new doll called Lottie aimed to represent real girls dimensions and activities not those of super models. Lottie had a brother Finn. Lottie can get a super hero suit but not Finn. I thought this was unjust so you can find materials on my website how to convert a super-hero suit made for Lottie to one suitable for Finn.

tabsgranddad Mon 22-Dec-14 00:40:20

I forgot the website address:

kaffkooks Mon 22-Dec-14 19:32:33

We got a basic ELC doll and pushchair for my son last year. He's not so interested in the doll but like loves to push the pushchair round. You can persuade your husband that pushchair counts as a mode of transport with wheels and is therefore just as manly as cars!

HolyTerror Tue 23-Dec-14 13:47:28

My 2.8 year old son has a standard-issue baby doll of indeterminate gender. He pushes it about in a buggy, kisses it and occasionally spanks it.

I don't think there's any need to get him a 'boy' doll, either...

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