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Ozziegirly Wed 26-Oct-11 06:34:26

Damn, I just typed a nice post re asking how to deal with tantrums and it has gone.

Anyway, jist (gist?) of it was - 14mo DS, just starting the occasional screamathon when things don't go his way.

Today at playgroup -screaming because I wouldn't let him outside in the pouring rain. I said it was raining, tried to distract him with a toy. Another mum did a "oooo, look, LOOK at this" and he was fine.

So are there any real dos and don'ts re tantrums to try to both minimise them now (when they really are short lived and mildly amusing as DS is so angelic looking and small) but also to not teach him that tantrums get results for the future.

Ozziegirly Wed 26-Oct-11 06:35:00

Oh ffs, taNtrums. Not tamtrums.

ScaredTEECat Wed 26-Oct-11 07:10:47

Not much you can do at 14 months except distract, as you are doing. As they get a bit bigger, better to just ignore.

SilveryMoon Wed 26-Oct-11 07:16:55

Agree with ScaredTEECat Distraction rarely worked on either of my ds's. From early on I just had to make sure the area was safe for them and give them a bit of space to tantrum it out.
I'd also start really praising all positive behaviour when you start to ignore the negative so he learns how to get your attention (I'm not very good at this).
Also, try to watch out for triiggers, remember, once they hit tantrum stage, they are past reasoning.
You could try to tickle him, that worked a few times on mine.
Now my ds2 is 2.10yrs, when he kicks off, we just pick him up and put him in his bedroom.
Good luck. This is a phase, it too shall pass smile

Iggly Wed 26-Oct-11 07:29:22

That's quite young - so distraction or prevention are your best bets. Make sure he's not hungry or tired especially before playgroups. Have snacks and drinks with you. Try and distract with real meaning!

Only as DS gets older (he's 2) have I noticed the tantrum for my benefit - much different to the ones when he was younger and he seemed frustrated or annoyed etc. Those are the ones I give less attention.

Ozziegirly Wed 26-Oct-11 08:53:04

Yes, to be honest they don't seel like tantrums, more just being really pissed off but not having the words to express it.

I can understand. He likes the outside and wanted to go there, to him I was just a big meanie stopping him. He didn't know that I didn't want him to get soaked.

To be fair, I don't feel overly bothered by them (yet!) as they pass quickly, but I think he has the propensity to be a bit of a tantrumy toddler (he really likes his own way and has done from v small) so I don't want him getting any good ideas now and refining them over time!

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