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Anyone else with 2 (or more!) preschoolers? Please help/advise/sympathise!

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EggsOvaryZee Tue 25-Oct-11 10:58:20

Is there a thread (or more support) anywhere on this site? Have searched in archive and there used to be but can't seem to find anything recent.
Am finding it SO HARD at the moment. Just wishing I could go back to work FT (I work PT)!
The younger one demands so much, tantrums from hell etc...(2 1/2) so takes away any and all pleasure/quality time with older one who ends up sitting watching TV for hours. Doesn't play much alone yet, but would happily imaginary play (long as I'm involved) endlessly.
Feeling like I can't do anything right, ever...and am using 'snacks' as total bribery. I feel torn apart. Husband gets in 6pm and I use any excuse to dissapear. Go to the shops, sat in my car down the road the other day chain listening to music and reading the paper!
I am not depressed, but am NOT enjoying my time with them as much as I hoped I would, or used to.
Course, I don't expect it to be easy but next Sept when older one goes to school, I don't want to feel I have missed out.
We've got no family nearby (no babysitters or chance of time alone together)and only limited playdates for options. Just me and them every day from 12-6pm.
Am absolutely dreading a long cold rainy winter.

I can't be the only one - PLEASE?!

Cantnookian Tue 25-Oct-11 11:09:56

I am in the same boat (see my earlier thread about being a SAHM) - have to go now but waiting to see what people say. smile

pud1 Tue 25-Oct-11 12:02:55

I totally see where you are coming from. I was so pissed off last winter that I have decided to invest in good outdoor clothes this year and brave the elements. I can't stand play groups and the like but you might find it helps

laurz75 Tue 25-Oct-11 12:21:51

My dc are 19 months apart - now 4.5 and 6 - but I remember that year before my ds (elder) started school. It was very hard work. I second the idea about getting out and about as much as poss. Buy them both a snow suit and get out whatever the weather.
I can remember making a list (with their help (!)) of things we could do together and using it for ideas when I was going crazy.
Have they got scooters/bikes? My son was an amazing cyclist by 4 (little one went on the back of mine). Autumn is a great time for collecting leaves etc. to make collages when you get home - you just need PVA and the guts to let them get messy!
Playdough was also (and still is) a firm wet weather favourite for my two as was hide and seek (indoors), cushion mountains, making tents under the table (with a sheet).
Ah I'm actually missing those days a bit will get easier, don't beat yourself up - and don't feel guilty about escaping when DH gets in. I still sometimes do that!!
One last thing - find a babysitting agency and get out with your DH once a month.

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