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11 mths ds, who is dc3 and cries what feels like ALOT

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isobelle Sun 23-Oct-11 19:48:55

much more demanding than dc1&2, wants to be on lap, carried, a lot of the time and when cries he is v determined and keeps going and going... love him dearly but wondered if any other younger siblings were like this. Think he is frustrated and wants to be the same as the others.
Advice welcomex

nethunsreject Sun 23-Oct-11 19:51:39

Ds2 is like this. I feel your pain. Ds 1 was very easy going so it was a surprise to me!

Ds2 is 17mths and a lot happier now he can get about himself. He is a higher maintainance kid though, no doubt!

You are certainly not alone smile

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