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Cots/cotbeds/big beds and bedding

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Justonecheese Thu 20-Oct-11 17:06:27

I'm confused. DD will need to be out of the cot soon-is not one that transforms into a bed. She is currently in a grobag but I'd like to get her a duvet. Do I get a normal single duvet or do I need to get a smaller one? Also do I need to buy a toddler bed and then a normal single or can I skip the toddler bed? confused

Pigleychez Thu 20-Oct-11 17:25:02

Whether you go to todder bed or straight to single size is up to you.. Usually dependant on money, space etc.
How old is DD? If she is still quite little it may be idea to go to a toddler /junior bed first.
DD1 moved to a junior bed at aged 18mths. DD2 will be moving into that junior bed at xmas and DD1 aged 3 will be moving into a single bed.

We have been using a single duvet on the junior bed. Covers are MUCH cheaper for singe than toddler sized and there's much more choice. We let DD choose her (Peppa pig ) duvet cover which helped encourage her into the new bed.
As the single is bigger we tuck the end and one side under the mattress so that it makes it like a sleeping bag which stops them kicking it off completely during the night and getting cold.

As for the transisiton for grow bag to duvet. A few weeks before you move her, take away the sleeping bag and replace it with a lightweight blanket, then after a few nights replace it with a slightly heavier blanket then a duvet as this will help her get used to a heavier weight duvet on her.

Hope that all makes sense. smile

blazeohara Fri 21-Oct-11 08:45:50

Can anyone tell me if there is any readon why i should not put a feather duvet on my 3 year old's bed. He keeps complaining that he is cold. Currently has a wool mix duvet, blanket, thick pjs and extra heater in his room. Is it just a ruse to come into our bed ...

Justonecheese Sat 22-Oct-11 16:59:54

Thanks pigleychez, very helpful!

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