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Almost 3 month old constantly hungry even though drinking a lot of milk.

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Yuraye Thu 20-Oct-11 13:46:59

DD is 11 weeks on Saturday. Towards the end of her first month, she started getting hungrier and hungrier, and we've had to increase her milk a lot. We now have to make her 260ml of SMA gold every feed, and she can drink it all!

However, about 3-4 weeks ago she started being sick. Not violently, but not so little that you'd call it a dribble. Sometimes I'll wind her and projectile sick comes out of her mouth, the amount of say... a tablespoon or more, but more often she'll just be sick and it will run out of her mouth. She's always been a windy baby, ever since she was born. She farts a lot, too. But I notice that she's only sick if I:
-Lie her down without winding her.
-If I wind her/She burps.
-She has hiccups. (Which is very often, like DP).

I'm not sure whether to be concerned, but I am kind of worried. She's on 260ml and on average has about 220ml per feed. According to the formula, she shouldn't be on that until 5-6months. Sometimes she'll have 260ml and still be hungry.

We've tried Cow and Gate, but that made her poo violently, made it very runny and she didn't like her feeds when we offered them to her.

Advice please?

CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 20-Oct-11 13:59:41

Have a look at the hole size in the bottle teat. If it's too small and she's having to suck hard to drink it then she'll take in a lot of air. Next sugestion is to look at the version of the formula designed for hungrier babies. It's advisable to wind after every feed, or even during just to slow things up a bit and not have milk going on top of trapped wind. Obviously, if you have any concerns, give your HV a buzz for advice.

Yuraye Thu 20-Oct-11 14:19:43

Hmm maybe changing her teats would help, I'll try that. I usually have to wind her 3-4 times during every feed. HV is coming tomorrow so I'll tell her about it and see if there is anything she can advise.

Just wondered if anyone else had been in the same position on here, I just get this really bad feeling about her having whole bottles at her age.

CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 20-Oct-11 14:42:40

My DS was a hungry baby. He was on full bottles (is 8oz full?) of SMA Blue pretty early and weaned at 16 weeks (he's a 2000 baby). Still eats like a horse. smile

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