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1 year old in new room

(4 Posts)
VickyandAlistair Wed 19-Oct-11 13:32:39

Hey, just a bit of advice really, DS is 12 months old and has slept in his own room from 6 months, no trouble, he goes to sleep without much fuss and generally sleeps well. However, this weekend, due to money problems myself, DS and DH are moving in with my Dad. DS knows my Dad's house well, he's there a lot, but obv he will have a new room there. He's in such a good sleeping routine at the moment and I'd hate something to ruin it. Any tips on making sure the DS's room transition period affects him as little as poss? Thanks

foolonthehill Wed 19-Oct-11 13:38:19

Just to reassure you..I have moved lots with many children and although they have not been the best sleepers in the world they have coped with moving remarkably are my top tips...

Don't change the brand of washing powder you use when you move house...smell is comforting
for the same reason take bedding/pjs from old house and put on bed in new one...wash it a couple of days before you move...not new stuff in new room.
Try to make the lighting in the room as similar as possible
Keep your bedtime routine the same.

warn him that tonight he is sleeping at grandads and you and daddy are him where your room is and tell him you will be downstairs for a while whilst he sleeps and then you will come up to bed and be near him.....

hope it all goes well for you

Octaviapink Wed 19-Oct-11 13:39:20

If he's in his own usual cot, with his own stuff around him, then he may well not notice at all! We were worried about moving house when DD was 14 months but I don't think she even registered it!

Janoschi Fri 21-Oct-11 00:30:25

I'm sure it'll be fine. My poor kid has slept in different rooms for at least half of her 5 months - she's camped on pillows on the floor, in tents, in a campervan, at my Dads, sisters, friends.... And next week we're moving house so off it goes again. I wouldn't worry. Your DS is more likely to pick up on you being worried than by the change of location, especially as he already knows his Grandfathers house.

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