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Help with a changeable 10 month old.

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I hope I've put this in the right place, I haven't posted on here asking for advice before.

I have a 10 month old DD and she's been such hard work recently. She used to go down for her sleeps so well but the last few weeks have been a nightmare. She has one nap around 9ish, then another after lunch. She also has always gone down for her main sleep in the evening with not even a murmur. Recently she just kicks off when I put her in her cot and I don't know why. I see the same signs of tiredness as usual, so I know she's tired. If I don't put her to bed, she gets grouchy (again, so i know she's tired).

I don't know what's up. Today it took me until nearly lunchtime to get her to have her morning nap, and she was so overtired and stressed, I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

This is my first so I feel inadequate enough as it is a lot of the time. She's not sleeping through but I can handle that as I have her in a good routine (normally) and get a nice little time to myself in the early evening. But now she just won't settle and I end up having to get her up with me as I just can't listen to her crying.

I can't get my head around controlled crying...I really can't, if she gets really upset, so do I, which just makes things worse.

If anyone has any advice, I'd really appreciate it. I'm starting to feel quite frazzled.

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 10-Oct-11 15:00:37

Maybe she's teething? Are there any signs like flushed cheeks or extra drool?

She is teething, I can see her 7th tooth cutting at the minute, but she's never been like this when teething before, so I just assumed it wasn't that. The change in her behaviour doesn't seem to correlate to when she started teething if that makes sense.

I did wonder whether it was down to her not needing two naps in the day anymore. I don't know roundabout what age that stops, or if it is totally down to each child. But then, why is she acting tired?

I've tried everything, it's like I worked really hard to get a good routine, and then someone swapped babies with me and I just don't know her anymore!

ellesabe Mon 10-Oct-11 17:45:06

My 10mo has recently cut down on her daytime sleep and now often only has one nap at around 11am.

Octaviapink Mon 10-Oct-11 20:08:18

My DD was still having two naps a day when she was 20 months old (though she dropped the first one soon after that) - the average to give the first one up is 15 months.

How is her eating? Are you still breastfeeding her? I don't usually feed DS to sleep (he's 10m now) but I will if he can't settle. There's quite a lot of developmental stuff going on, still, so sometimes their heads are just too busy.

Pfriend Mon 10-Oct-11 21:04:18

My DS went down to 1 nap at about 9 months. If it is stressing you both out trying to get her to nap when she doesn't want to, try keepng her up for another hour and try again then.

Octavia I formula feed now, but she's cut down so much on her milk. She only has one bottle in the day and two at night. I offer them to her all the time but she just plays with it and isn't interested. She refuses to have a bedtime bottle, I always offer it but she doesn't take any, maybe an oz if I'm lucky. I can't help but feel if she does have one she'd sleep better but I can't force it down her. She eats really well though, and I get as much dairy in her as I can in her food (she loves cheese and yoghurt).

She actually went down for her morning nap Ok today, so here's hoping it was just a phase.

Pfriend - That's pretty much what I was doing, it just seemed like I was spending nearly all day trying to get her to sleep. Considering how good her routine was getting I thought I'd cracked it, then they throw a whole load more craziness at you!

Thanks a lot for the advice, she's a happy little lass most of the time, so I get stressed when something's not right as it's not like her.

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