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Climbing out of cot - help!

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MrsDobalina Sat 08-Oct-11 20:57:49

DS 2.5 has suddenly decided to start climbing out of his cot. He's always been a good climber but for some reason he's only just started to do this. 

It's only a real problem as he shares with DD 9mo and him being chaotic in the room and climbing into her cot (!)  is ruining nap times and bed times for both of them (and they are pretty fraught as it is) 

We do rapid return and he does eventually fall asleep in the cot but does anyone have any tips to help? We considered a toddler sleeping bag but bar stapling it to his body he'd definitely get out of it and I don't think it would help much. I read moving them into a bed sometimes works - anyone have experience of this??

BertieBotts Sat 08-Oct-11 21:00:03

I moved DS into a bed at around that age, he was fine, but have always stayed with him until he fell asleep so getting out not an issue.

MrsVidic Sat 08-Oct-11 21:01:42

Move him into a bed he could injure himself.

RitaMorgan Sat 08-Oct-11 21:02:48

At 2.5 he's a bit old for a cot - I'd move him to a bed.

vanimal Sat 08-Oct-11 21:03:29

I had this with my DD2 (2.5) a few weeks back - she was climbing out in the middle of the night and either coming into our room or into DD1 (4)'s room, and disturbing her sleep.

We switched from a cot to a bed (figuring that if we have to deal with sleeping hassles, we should do it all at once). We did rapid return back into the bed, it was noisy as she cried everytime we out her back in her bed, and it took about a week to crack, but it did work, and we have had no hassles since. She now sleeps in a single bed every night, and doesn't come off that during the night.

Good luck with it.

vanimal Sat 08-Oct-11 21:05:43

Can you stagger their daytime naps so that your DS is not disturbing your DD? Or perhaps have DD do her daytime nap in your room instead?

HeidiHole Sat 08-Oct-11 21:40:22

I would say 2.5 is too old for a cot and it seems that your son agrees!

ramblingmum Sat 08-Oct-11 21:42:14

A growbag sleeping bag kept dd2 in her cot for a little longer but we have now given in and taken the side off the cot. She is not too bad a bed time but will not nap in bed so I usally end up walking her round the block in the pushchair. It only tacks a couple of minuets to get her to sleep. But might be tricky as you have a younger one.

BikeRunSki Sat 08-Oct-11 21:47:23

Time for a bed....

DS went into one at 18 months when he started climbing out of his cot, before he fell.

MrsDobalina Sat 08-Oct-11 22:07:45

Looks like the cot side is coming off tomorrow grin. Thanks all!

Vanimal good idea - will try cot in my bedroom for DD. Was trying not to as felt like such a backward step but it will definitely make life easier for all! DD is currently moving from 3 to 2 naps so I'm trying to stagger them with DS but I do struggle to get out the flat between meals and naps! And neither of them like sleeping in the pushchair hmm.

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