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am I doing the right thing (6 month old and sleep)

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Annpan88 Tue 04-Oct-11 21:49:08

My DS used to sleep brilliantly. Down at 8, wokr up once for a feed round 2am then back to sleep till 7am.

Then 4 months happened and and 6 and a half months his sleep hasn't recovered. Awake on average every 2 hours.

He eats well. I spend some days breast feeding him all day to try to get him to sleep better. He's still experimenting with food but eats the most at around 6pm (really just nibbles at breakfast and lunch)

Fairly typical day, lots of food. Started feeding him at 6:50 and he fed for 40mins so a good long feed. Que him waking up and hour amd a half later. Usually I just bf him but I thought that maybe he wasn't hungry and it was just habit so I cuddled him (could never do controlled crying and not pick him up) and it took about 15 mins to sooth him and he's back asleep.

So now I feel a bit bad that maybe he was hungry and I should of fed him? If he wakes again should I feed himor comfort?

Sorry its so long and rambly I just want to do the right thing for him.

TheArmadillo Tue 04-Oct-11 21:52:39

If he settled back to sleep that quickly without being fed then I doubt he was hungry.

Try comforting him again next time. I'd probably feed him if he takes much longer than 15 mins to settle as would assume if not settling by then, then he is hungry.

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