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Large mole on tummy... wwyd?

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Whiteybaby Tue 04-Oct-11 20:19:45

DD is 2.6 and has a large raised mole on her tummy. It is above her belly button and to one side. It is also hairy with a fair number of black hairs (she is blonde). When she was first born I fondly thought of it like an adult thumb print (pfb!) as it was that size then. My darling dad pointed out fairly soon that she wont like it when she is older and it has been playing on my mind since.

I had thought that I would do nothing until she was older and could make her own decisions but would it be better to do something sooner? The thought of an op makes me feel a bit sick though sad.

I am not sure but think she said once "dont touch it mummy, dirty". I asked her what she meant but she was younger then and didn't say anything more. She is a nursery and I wonder if someone has said something there in the past.

My parents have made a few comments over the years that we had better get that removed but tbh that felt just like we would be doing it for vanity sakes. I have read some other old threads here today though and its got me thinking again..

WWYD? Also where do I start if we did make enquiries? Take her to the gp? Any advice?

BlueChampagne Wed 05-Oct-11 12:47:52

I would mention it to the GP next time I was there and ask his/her advice.

Whiteybaby Wed 05-Oct-11 12:54:47

Thanks. We have a great GP so will do that. Had a bit too much mn time yesterday with rare long nap from ds and got myself in a pickle!! grin

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