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Your day with a 10 week old baby....

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WinterLover Tue 04-Oct-11 16:44:20

DS is now 10 weeks old and is awake much mre however im a bit all over the place with activities/naps. Hes bottle fed on demand as thats what works best for us both.

I have PND and luckily its not affecting my relationship with DS. I have noticed that my better days with it are when I have some structure to the day.

So basically im looking at putting a rough structure to my days to help with PND but also so DS gets in some sort of 'routine'

If you could help me out by giving me a basic day of yours id be grateful as I have no idea on napping, activites etc we've just sort of muddled through the past few weeks..

Thankyou grin

MrsVidic Tue 04-Oct-11 17:03:43

With dd1 I would get up, feed, have breakfast and do any house work until 1030 ish. Meanwhile feeding/ changing when dd needed it. I would then go for a walk/ run/ baby group.

Home for lunch and cuddle/ play (watch tv) then I'd try to fill my afternoons- either meet up for a coffee/ excersize/ watch a DVD.

Make tea early and have it ready for when Dp gets back

MotherPanda Tue 04-Oct-11 17:07:41

DD is 10 weeks old today! I feed feed feed all day long, but spend a lot of my time on the sofa, as i'm breastfeeding.

We have no routine at all so can't help you there. we do try to go out a lot, to childrens centres, meeting mums from my nct class for tea etc, walks in the park.

it's still feeding and changing all day, but at least its somewhere new.

elizabethsiddal Tue 04-Oct-11 17:53:13

my daughter is 10 weeks old too. I also have a morning frenzy of housework etc as she is most content in the am. Also breastfeeding on demand. mid morning i go out with her, to do errands or a baby group. i get as much prep done for dinner when she has a little sleep in the afternoon. tricky as she will only sleep for about 20 mins unless she is on me in the day. everything is nice and chilled until i pick my 9 yr old son up from school. the hours between 4 and 6 are a crazy muddle of getting everyone fed, homework done etc etc. baby is grotty tired by 5pm and only wants the boob. i come up to put her to bed and mumsnet one handed while she has a big sleepy feed about 6pm and am usually back downstairs with her tucked in about 7.

i am sure evenings would be more relaxed if she could have a decent nap late afternoon, but alas the school pick up interrupts that. bah. mustn't grumble though as she sleeps very well at night.

sorry thats not very helpful! got lost in my own train of thought!

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