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Presents for a 1 year old

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NoTeaForMe Mon 03-Oct-11 23:04:33

Hi all,

My daughter turns one this month and we've been thinking of presents for her, and then obviously there's Christmas in a couple of months too!

What are 'wheelybugs' like? I think they say suitable from 2 years old, is that a fair recommendation or would 1 be ok? We have a push a long trike thing which she loves sitting on-obviously can't pedal or anything but am wondering if a wheelybug is far too old for her?

We think we might get her a 'Happyland' set, is that a good idea?
Any other suggestions?


AKMD Tue 04-Oct-11 09:23:34

DS got something similar to a wheelybug for his 1st birthday (Y-Bike Pewi here and ignored it for about 5 months (was actually scared of it at one point) but now it is his favourite toy. It's really hard to buy presents for a 1 year old because they change so much in this year that something that starts out as being 'unsuitable' will be just fine by their 2nd birthday.

DS also loves Duplo.

wolfhound Tue 04-Oct-11 09:25:49

Wheelybugs are great. DS1 got the small ladybird one for his first birthday - started off just pushing it about and progressed to riding on it. DS2 could ride it very quickly, and they both still play with it now (4 and 2).

wigglesrock Tue 04-Oct-11 11:56:55

Happyland is brilliant, my older dds love it and have done for years. Dd3 is almost 8 months and she loves eating playing with the figures, we are going to get some bits and pieces in the sales and stick them away for her for her birthday in Feb. Although this morning she spent a considerable amount of time munching away on dd1s treasured Barbie - don't think that mangled foot will be slipping into Cinderallas slipper any time soon.

NoTeaForMe Tue 04-Oct-11 12:42:06


which is better a wheelybug or a scramblebug ?


dearheart Tue 04-Oct-11 14:02:15

We had a wheelybug (also a ladybird) and both dds loved it. As do I. V low to the ground so better for a one-year-old I would say. My kids didn't play with it until 18 months or so, but friends' children played with theirs from one year.

NoTeaForMe Tue 04-Oct-11 14:13:22

Perfect, I think we'll go with a wheelybug then, I think they look heaps nicer!

Do they grow out of the small ones at around 2.5 like the guidelines say or do they last a bit longer?

Sorry for all the silly questions!

While people are here though can anyone recommend a good Thomas the Tank engine train set for a 1 year old that can be added to as they get older, I found a this one in ELC which looks good but wondered about adding to it. I know it says from 2 but he's 1 near to Christmas so he could have it now and prob start playing with it in a few months.


menopausemum Tue 04-Oct-11 23:12:31

My friend bought a treasure basket for his one year old God Daughter and the parents said it was the best thing she got. You can make them yourself or buy them. Try

Firawla Wed 05-Oct-11 09:41:44

you can add to those thomas sets, it fits any of the wooden railways like brio, bigjigs, the ikea and tesco ones.. all are compatible with the wooden thomas.

NoTeaForMe Wed 05-Oct-11 22:15:15

Perfect, thanks very much!

Any other ideas?

Romilly70 Sun 09-Oct-11 21:42:41

really like the treasure basket, as almost 1year old DS is always pulling open drawers and helping himself to random items. i think i will however try and make my own as £68 seems a bit steep for the items!

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