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Room sharing woes. WWYD?

(7 Posts)
SouthernandCross Wed 28-Sep-11 18:27:56

I'm not sure anyone will be bothered to answer this, I can hardly be bothered thinking about it!
We have 4 bedrooms for 6 people in the house. Obviously Dh and I take up one.
Almost 10 year old oldest has her own room for a year now but she shared with DD2 ( now 8) for a couple of years when DS came along. DD1 is in the smallest room- about 10 by 9 ft but it's big enough for her.
DD2 (8) and DD3 ( 5 but 6 in Jan) have shared in bunkbeds for a year now and it's becoming a nightmare sad They argue all the time, DD3 is very messy while DD2 likes to keep her room tidy, and they keep each other awake at night. Their bedroom only has one wall you can put a bed up against, so if I put them in separate beds they will have to be side by side. I think they will just continue to argue at night if they can see each other.
I was thinking of putting them in DS's room, which is long and thin ( 15ft by 9ft), putting a bed at each end and giving them part of the room each. I'd put DD2 at the far end so she gets more privacy.
OR I could put DD3 and DS in the same room? Has anyone ever put an almost 4 year old in with an almost 6 year old. I'm not sure I can trust DD3 to behave in a room with DS! They spend a lot of time screaming at each other during the day as it is...

hellhasnofury Wed 28-Sep-11 18:30:11

I'd put them in the bigger room with some form of room divider, a screen or stud wall if possible.

Zipitydooda Wed 28-Sep-11 22:03:26

We are 5 in 3 bedrooms. Ds1 (6) and DS2(3) share with bunk beds and have become a nightmare both at bedtime and at 5.30 am wakings.

Maybe my thoughts at 5.30 am this morning (while feeding the baby who had been woken by them) will help you (or maybe not! wink)
1) I am going to put a blowup bed on the landing for DS1 .........
..............Can't because he might roll down the stairs while asleep.
2) what about him sleeping on the bathroom floor? No we'd trip over him in the night.

3) better still ...... I'm going to find a boarding school for both of them ......

I love them really but aaarrrggghhhh!

I'd go with divided room. Any chance of doing a loft extension? That's my hope for the future.

naturalbaby Wed 28-Sep-11 23:15:07

it doesn't sound like keeping them sharing a room but a different room will help. i don't suppose dd1 wants to go back to sharing now she's had a room to herself for a bit? depends on how long term you want the move to be. sounds like hard work!

JIRkids Sun 02-Oct-11 20:40:42

Sounds like the long room with divider would be best idea as it sounds like your 2 youngest would fight as well!!! Though may be fairer for 8 year old to have her own room and the young ones share! Sorry no real help there then!!!

My boys share (age 7 and 4) and they fight non stop. I am thinking of separating them as i do have spare room but the room they share is really big while the spare room is tiny so that in itself may cause more problems!!!

SouthernandCross Sun 02-Oct-11 21:23:58

DD1 will not give up her own room without a fight.
I'm gearing myself up to shuffle the two youngest girls into the long room as I've read a few things that suggest that giving room sharing siblings that don't get on, some space to themselves, is the best thing to do.
JIRkids, I'd explain the situation to your boys and say that the one who has the biggest room has to allow the other one to come in and play in there sometimes. The one with the smallest room gets it all to himself.
If we swap the girls around, DS will have the biggest bedroom in the house but he will be fine with his sisters playing in there with him so it should work out ok.

SouthernandCross Thu 13-Oct-11 21:24:27

Very boring update but it might help someone.
We swapped the two sharing girls into the long thin room about a week ago and the single beds, instead of bunks have worked really well for them. They bother each other less and get off to sleep with much less trouble.
Thanks to those of you who replied.

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