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DD afraid of the dark?

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addictediam Wed 28-Sep-11 11:40:52

Is it really possible for an 11mo baby to be scared of the dark?
DD is a really good sleeper during the day, goes down really easily away and puts herself to sleep with her monkey and dummy. she goes down really easily at 7.30 when its her bed time, but always wakes up in the night screaming (like shes being hurt screaming, so we jump out of bed and run in to her) this has been going on for around 4 month sow (she slept through untill that point.)

I was talking to mu mum yesterday who mentioned they had a similar problem with my brother, but he was around 2 and then when he was 3 he told them he didnt like the dark and it made too many shaddows. they gave him a night light (they tried 3 or 4 before they found one he liked that didnt cast teh wrong sort of shaddows) and hes been sleeping through ever since (hes now 4 1/2)

so with this in mind dd woke up in a state at 1pm last night i couldnt settle her, usually id put her in my bed wait till she was asleep and then move her back to her cot and we'd do this 3 or 4 times a night. but i decided to turn the bathroom light on and open her door (opposite the bathroom) and amazingly she led down and fell to sleep. i kept the bathroom light on all night and she slept untill 6am! i'm still in shock!!

so is it really possible for a baby to be scared of the dark? how do i help her get over this fear when i cant have a rational conversation with her? whats the best night light to get?

addictediam Wed 28-Sep-11 11:42:39

sorry she woke up at 10pm not 1pm.

sorry about the typos, spelling has never been a strong point and even more difficult when dd is sat on my lap!

My dd appeared to be scared of the dark from a similar age. She still has to have a light on now (3yrs) and if there's a power cut she it will wake her up and she'll totally freak out. Apparently I was the same - my parents were shocked that ds didn't need a light on.

MeriNisipPoissons Wed 28-Sep-11 14:16:10

Yes it is very likely, this is a good one. I have newborns who sleep soundly with light on and are very unhappy when lights turned off at night!!

MeriNisipPoissons Wed 28-Sep-11 14:18:23

I have this and it is great.

MeriNisipPoissons Wed 28-Sep-11 14:19:19

I keep it on blue.

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