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Comfort Toy Dilemma: Part 2

(5 Posts)
niamh29 Tue 27-Sep-11 20:14:39

i wrote before about how my 2 year old DD is very attached to a lion teddy and carries him everywhere with her and uses him as a comfort and thumb-sucking aid, the Creche were encouraging us to wean her off her teddy as she was moving into a new room in the Creche, I got a lot of response basically telling me to tell the Creche to back off, which I did, I told them that I would encourage her to do things without her Teddy but I never wanted her to get upset because she wasnt allowed him.

This went well for a while and she left her teddy down for dinner and colouring and the Creche were happy with the progress but slowly she has got back to having him with her all the time and she flips out when we ask her to put him down. Today she had a massive tantrum when I asked her to leave him at the door of the toilet while she did a wee (she's been toilet trained a month and is doing really well) she went mental, refused to let me wipe her bum, I told her she couldn't have her teddy till she let me wipe her bum and it lead to all out war. It was horrible, it's like she has complete separation anxiety when she is away from him and I worry because I don't want to do that to her but at the same time I worry about her being so dependant on him cause he is already looking worse for wear so what will happen when teddy has to go to the big old teddy box in the sky??

Sorry for the long msg, it was a tough day!

Turkelton Tue 27-Sep-11 23:58:58

We have the same situation here, I have 2 yr old twin girls and one of them is obsessed with her teddy, cuddiiiile is his name smile He goes everywhere at the minute, she even tries to take him into the bath grin shock I am not to worried to be honest, she is 2, if she wants her teddy I am not going to upset her over it, as she gets older and more aware of her peers (and what is cool) , I reckon teddy will probably retire to home only. I really wouldn't worry about it at all, I have yet to meet an adult who still carries one around smile

Now, her dummy...... that is a whole other thread hahaha

BlueberryPancake Wed 28-Sep-11 10:45:04

I had a special 'bed' for my son's baby lion, and he would go in his bed whilst we would play games sometimes, and then baby lion stayed in his bed a bit longer. We also had a little backpack where baby lion would go when we were out at the park and other activities. And now, DS only has him at night (he is nearly 5). There is a little girl in his class (reception) whose mum gives her blanky after school every day. As far as I know the other kids don't take any notice of it.

niamh29 Wed 28-Sep-11 13:21:42

I like the backpack idea, she likes putting him into bags so she might like having him in a backpack, will try that, thanks!

Octaviapink Wed 28-Sep-11 13:22:45

If she needs him, let her have him. She will grow out of him eventually and the creche can go stuff themselves. They're supposed to do what's best for the child, not what's most convenient for them. If they get stroppy, complain to Ofsted.

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