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Practical tips for coping with 3yo and newborn

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titferbrains Sun 25-Sep-11 12:59:48

Had ds by cs 2 wks ago and would like to try doing a bit on my own now. Dm has been helping and ihave cm 2 days a week.

No idea how to handle ds tho, he feeds for a few min then falls asleep so feeds almost constantly. Not sure how to get self showered and dresses and sort dd out for nursery without a Lot of crying...

Have sling which ds sleeps well in but can't bf in it.

missnevermind Sun 25-Sep-11 13:16:02

2 weeks is still very early. No matter that you are feeling better than you were, you will still not yet be feeling 100% yourself.
It is ok to accept help. You have had a major operation if it were for any other reason than to have a baby you would not be expecting to be back in the swing of things so soon.

missnevermind Sun 25-Sep-11 13:31:39

Sorry didn't finish.
I had EMCS 8 weeks ago and have been back to normal now for a fortnight, but it was a gradual thing doing a littlemore each day. But you do have to be careful not to overdo it because it can cause a setback and you have to start again.

DD1 is now 8 wks old. DS3 is 2 and a half
DS 1&2 are 13 and 10 I am still making full use of the older children I do no fetching and carrying if I can get somebody else to do it for me.

titferbrains Sun 25-Sep-11 14:41:37

Tks, I am so used to doing everything myself and I am just feeling guilty watching DM do everything... also getting nervous about coping with mornings and not getting cross with DD all the time (endless chivvying along) and worrying about DS not having had enough to eat to get him thru the nursery drop off....

Zimbah Sun 25-Sep-11 19:59:28

Try posting on the feeding forum for bf advice, I had same problem with DD2 fall;ing asleep after few minutes on boob and subsequently not putting on enough weight. Spoke to bf counsellor who advised as well as the usual 'waking up baby' stuff to try swapping sides as soon as she dropped off, and just repeat that throughout the feed. Not as a long term strategy, just till she started feeding better. Try calling La Leche helpline (0845 120 2918).

Do you need to shower in the morning? I know you'll need to keep scar clean but could you shower in evening or after nursery drop-off, so you've only got to get yourself dressed in the morning. What I did was when I woke up gave myself quick swipe with those deodorant wetwipe things, get dressed immediately, then I was basically ready to go and could shower later in the day if possible. I plonked DD1 in front of the television and gave her breakfast there, luckily she likes dry cereal and a cup of milk as a bowl of cereal would be a bit risky. It meant she was more tolerant of delays in getting her breakfast, fruit etc while I stopped to feed DD2. Then got her dressed in front of the tv - pausing or turning off the tv worked a treat if she refused to get dressed. I know it sounds awful that our morning routine revolved around television but it helped me survive.

Also as Missnevermind said, a CS is major surgery so do not push yourself unless you really have to because there's no-one else to help. Last thing you need is to cause yourself problems which can slow the whole recovery down.

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