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Things that some (less sleep deprived than me) sod should invent!!

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GeneralDisarray Sun 25-Sep-11 12:50:10

I'm sure some of these already exist somewhere..feel free to provide linkage or go invent them, all I require as a thankyou is you sending me one...

a nursing thermos flask...something that lets you drink tea - tea that has not gone tepid no less- whilst breast feeding, the only thing I can think of is those beer hats with straws that came down to your mouth that you used to see at uni, but a more elegant solution would be nice.

Nursing chairs with adjustable arms...yes its a beautiful and luxurious nursing chairs but I keep nearly braining my newborn in it at those 3am feeds, and I've resorted to perching on a pile of cushions which renders it somewhat pointless.

Maternity clothes that you can adjust back to nice everday clothes - I wouldn't mind spending £30 on a top if 5months later it wasn't a pointless nice top with a strange saggy tummy area.

InmaculadaConcepcion Sun 25-Sep-11 18:57:54

Wrap dresses and tops answer the last one quite well!

GeneralDisarray Sun 25-Sep-11 19:01:13

Ahh balls meant to put this in chat..will transplant it now!

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