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8mo still does not drink water

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Timeoutofmind Sun 18-Sep-11 22:09:08

Starting to get a bit stressed about DD's lack of drinking. We have a doidy and sippy cup and when I offer her either cup she will open her mouth and take some but then just spits the water out as if its a game.

I am now getting a lot of pressure to give her juice which I don't particularly want to do.

She drinks 4 bottles a day (20-24oz) so may be getting enough this way at the moment but I'm starting to wonder if she'll ever accept the water.

Any advice appreciated..

4madboys Sun 18-Sep-11 22:14:46

i wouldnt worry, a baby WILL drink when thirsty but she is getting plenty of water in her milk and remember that fruit/veg etc has alot of liquid in it as well smile

just keep offering her water and she will be fine, my 9mth old is just getting the hang of drinking water herself from a tommee tippe cup, they are very easy to drink from (the non spill spouts can be hard whereas tommee tippe just drips out) but she probably only drinks maybe 1-2oz all day, and has same amount of formula as your dd smile

HappyCamel Sun 18-Sep-11 22:16:48

Until she's a year old she is fine with just milk. Juicy fruits and veggies give her liquid too. So long as she wees a fair bit, her urine isn't dark and smelly and she isn't constipated don't worry about it.

I'm teaching DD to use a doody cup by expressing milk in to it. Now she has got the hang of what it's for I can start putting other liquids in.

Ilanthe Sun 18-Sep-11 22:21:30

My DS just ignored / pushed away his cup of water proffered at every meal until I gave up bfing him at 12mo. He was only on morning and night feeds from 9mo on as well so I was worried he wasn't getting enough fluid during the day.

As soon as the breast milk dried up (though he went onto and still has cows milk morning and night) he started drinking the water. Like he'd been doing it for months...

WhatWouldLeoDo Sun 18-Sep-11 22:24:22

Don't worry. DS only really started drinking water out of a cup regularly once his bottles stopped at 12 months.

Timeoutofmind Mon 19-Sep-11 14:15:10

Thank you all for your reassurance. it just makes me wonder sometimes when I see younger babies drinking happily from a cup and my baby won't entertain it!! I guess I just need to let her get used to it in her own time.

Tyrionlovingyourwork Mon 19-Sep-11 14:26:16

I put a tiny bit of sugar in water until my DS would try it and then reduced it to nothing. Whatever - it worked.

I put a plastic beaker with 1 cm of water on his high chair; she will get enough fluid from her diet, just let her play.

amyboo Tue 20-Sep-11 09:09:09

DS didn't start drinking water properly until nearly 12 months. Just keep presenting the cup and she'll soon get the hang of it. DS amazed us one day by suddenly just picking up his cup from the edge of the dining table and drinking with both hands by himself... He still tips water on the floor and plays in it sometimes though (now 18 months old)!

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