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it has just been a really, really, crap fortnight and I just need to whinge

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phdlife Sat 17-Sep-11 22:54:55

4yo ds has just been diagnosed with epstein-barr, which is the virus behind glandular fever. the gp said "acute epstein-barr is called glandular fever" and he said "ds is right in the middle of it", so I guess that means ds has glandular fever????

anyway, he is a miserable little sausage, permanently over-tired, needs lots of rest (luckily it is kindy holidays), terribly clingy, needs even more cuddles and attention than usual and he is usually the kid who needs more cuddles than most.

meanwhile, 2yo dd, who is more of a runner/climber than ds anyway, is crawling the walls. she is taking huge amounts of time to settle for her naps (yesterday = 40mins) because with the staying-in, she's not quite tired enough when ds is going down.

also, dh has been away for 9 days, from when I was first wondering what the hell was up with driving-me-crazy ds.

as a result of all of this, bedtime - the bit from "end of stories, lights out" to me actually getting to walk out of the bedrooms and start the dishes - is taking over an hour. getting to that point is taking even longer as overtired ds (and he is overtired by the time I sit them down to dinner at 5:15) means he turns really naughty - running away laughing when i try to get his pjs on, heartbroken sobbing if I say, "ok forget it you can sleep naked".

also, dd is teething her big molars so waking at 3 and 5 for feeds, then having trouble settling. I'm having trouble getting to sleep and last night was the first night in 4 days that i wasn't woken in between it all by a horrible nightmare.

on the day I had nursed ds through ultrasound and blood tests and squeezed in some grocery shopping and took ds for his first (and last) playdate of the holidays I also got the niagara falls of periods. Cue fun times last night having to shove sobbing ds out of the toilet and lock door in his face so I could do paperwork without sending him into shock. (oh and having booked 3 weeks ahead and arranged childcare so I could get my pap smear done I now have to cancel that tomorrow.)

stupidly, 2 weeks ago, I had given up my sunday "time off for good behaviour" before realising I wasn't going to get any more for 2 weeks (because the PiLs, who normally give me an hour or two once a week, were away for one week and then took dd while I took ds through med tests). And I'm a card-carrying introvert, so I've been staying up late as it's the only way I can get any quiet time to process stuff and recharge (not that I seem to be doing that).

dh is coming home today, and I guess I'll be glad to see him. But the fact is he has never gotten his head round stubborn, mama-loving, volcano-tempered ds at the best of times so right now I'm feeling cynical about how he's going to handle things now it's all 100x worse.

oh, and the house is a GIGANTIC tip because I've been trying to go easy on myself by not tearing around tidying up when they're watching tv and
giving them extra cuddles and quiet playtime-with-mum they seem to currently need instead of trying to organise our usual tidy-ups with them either fighting or clinging to my legs.

think that's all.... hmm

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