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Australia and baby

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travispickles Sat 17-Sep-11 22:09:37

I lived in Australia for a year many moons ago and have family and friends out there. They are dying to meet my DD (7 months) and have offered to put us up etc. I can afford to take her (just) next Summer, when I have hols (am a teacher). After the following xmas she turns two and then I have to pay for her, which I cannot afford to do. My DP (her dad) can afford to come (just), but the issue is his DS(11). We simply cannot afford to take him as well, as it adds on an extra £1000. I would feel bad not taking him, but I don't want my DD not to meet my family and friends because of this. What do I do? Take just her/ take the three of us/ not go at all so as to avoid disappointing DSS? (BTW DSS lives with his mum most of the time, comes to us every other weekend although we have him half the holidays as well. )

cookielove Sat 17-Sep-11 22:13:41

Does his DS live with you? If he lives with you then i think it would cause to much upset to leave him behind (i assume with relatives or his mother) if he lives with his mother or other relatives then i think it would be less of an issue to leave him. However why not wait a few years and spend that time saving so you can all go as a family. Also that way your dd will remember the visit aswell.

An0therName Sat 17-Sep-11 22:23:30

I think that is a tough one- but would his DS actually enjoy it -more people cooing over his sister - staying with people he never met etc, plus the journey - thats how I would play it anyway -it would depend on the child and realationship you have with him and the ex as well - how they would react
could his dad take him some where that he would really enjoy - either at easter - or the finances don't allow next year?

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