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Do your DC share a room?

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mymumdom Sat 17-Sep-11 12:15:24

Do they tolerate each other ok?
DD2 (8) and DD3 (5) have to share a room at the moment. DD(9) and DS (3) have their own rooms.
DD2 and 3 are not getting on well at all at the moment and sharing is not going well. They are in bunks, and I'm wondering if it would help if we put them in separate beds. Has anyone tried this?
DD1 is very preteenish atm and having her go back to sharing won't work, and DD3 and DS can't be trusted together. If we put DD2 in with DS, DD2 will be upset that DD3 has a room of her own. A loft expension is a couple of years ago at this point.
Has anyone got any ideas?

Svrider Tue 20-Sep-11 21:33:37

Yes I think separate beds would help ( I assume your bunk beds can just convert to single beds?) could you get each girl to help set up their side of the room with their own special toys/ posters etc... Then make sure both girls understand that it is their job to keep their side of the room tidy. Also dont feel guilty that they share a room , they will be finebear

onepieceofcremeegg Tue 20-Sep-11 21:39:58

dd1 and dd2 (4 years and almost 8) share a room, by choice (their choice and ours). Single beds, not bunks, although they have bunks at my mum's house and stay there very occasionally.

They tolerate each other 90% of the time, in fact the main problem we have is getting them to stop playing and settle down at bedtime.

dd2 has never really slept on her own, really hates it. She was in with us for 12-18 months, then disaster when she went in her own room, so we popped the cot in with dd1 (who was 5 iirc) and this solved it.

Have you also got an office/box room? We had in mind that possibly we could put a bed and small chest in ours if we ever needed an additional room, which thankfully we don't at present. If this was an option for you, possibly main clothes storage/toys storage would be in a different room/area.

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