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Balance bike for a 20mo??

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tinky19 Wed 14-Sep-11 08:52:45

DS will be 20 mo this christmas and I'm trying to think of some things to buy him. I am due DC2 early Dec so shopping time is limited - sorry!
Everything we look at seems to be for 3yrs+ children or just too babyish. He has loads of flashing lights, cars etc.
Any ideas? Would a balance bike be suitable, if so has anybody got any suggestion of which brand?

BlueChampagne Wed 14-Sep-11 13:27:03

My 21mo keeps eyeing up his brother's balance bike but he's simply not tall enough yet, so bear that in mind when you're shopping. However, he loves the toy kitchen.

olibeansmummy Wed 14-Sep-11 21:12:09

Wait til his 2nd birthday for a balance bike as he'll probably be too small for it yet and will get more use out of it in the summer. You could get a scuttlebug or similar but ds who was 19 months last Xmas has already out grown his ( now is brilliant on balance bike though). I'd go for duplo, brio etc

EssieW Wed 14-Sep-11 21:19:23

Depends on height of child and physical ability. My 22 month old petite DD does fit an islabike. We bought this for DS acfew years ago for 2nd birthday and chose that one because it was good for smaller /younger children. DS didn't get hang of it until he was 2amd a half. DD is already getting the hang of it - but then she's been watching her brother do it since she was born!

Notanexcitingname Thu 15-Sep-11 07:26:10

mini micro scooter? Agree with the others he'ss just not be tall enough for a balance bike. (mine wouldn't even fit islabike-do I breed midgets!?)

He could get enjoyment out of a mini micro, though at 20 months, and by 2, ds2 was haring down the street. Brought a whole new meaning to the school run.

tinky19 Thu 15-Sep-11 10:47:20

Thank you. I'm just so frustrated by averything I look at having 3+ yrs on it. Can I ask, do you stick stricktly to the age advice on some of these toys. I mean, wooden train set (no small pieces) is still for 3yrs +??

tinky19 Thu 15-Sep-11 10:47:46


Blu Thu 15-Sep-11 12:46:42

Oh, ignore the 3+ sign if you think your child will enjoy it.

All it means is that it hasn't been tested to the higher testing requirements for U3 toys, or may have smaller parts. Use your common sense and don't give him marbles etc if he is likely to put them in his mouth. But I daresay there are planty of items around your home that are as small as the small parts!

LydiaWickham Thu 15-Sep-11 12:53:46

DS is 20 months, DH insisted on getting him a balance bike recently, it's too big for DS, but hopefully will be able to use it soon (wish we could just have put it to one side for Christmas, but nooo, DH had to give it to DS straight away).

I think he will get a lot of use out of it when he can use it, he does like it already. DH bought it from Wiggle. It's a very nice wooden one.

tinky19 Thu 15-Sep-11 13:01:49

Thank again.
Blu - I agree, just want to get him something that he'll enjoy playing with and wont grow out of within a couple of months.
It's his birthday in April, so think I'll go for Thomas the tank set for xmas and balance bike fr birthday.
Thank you

mousymouse Thu 15-Sep-11 13:04:33

puky makes balance bikes in different sizes, the smaller version says from age 2 or 85cm.

Iggly Thu 15-Sep-11 20:35:02

A wooden sit on trike might be better. There's a risk you get something a bit too old for him (I'm guilty of this myself!)

DorisIsAPinkDragon Thu 15-Sep-11 20:58:30

I was going to suggest PUKY but mousymouse got there first. Thier small one is fantastic dd3 had it for her 2nd birthday (in June) and she is now whizzing along on it (I have to run to keep up!).

I looked around long and hard and this seemed the most appropraite but within a reassonable price bracket. touch woood it seems well made too and the handle bars and seat are both adjustable so will grow with her .

chesky Fri 23-Sep-11 12:04:54

I bought my son a balance bike from Strider-Rider
This balance bike is the lightest and most adjustable on the market. It is aimed for children from 18 months and all the way up to 5 with the use of an extended seat post. It is a very adjustable bike, and easy to adjust the height of both the seat and handlebars.
My son was a very petite 2 year old when we bough it and it fitted him fine, he even can pick it up himself ( a lot of the wooden ones were very heavy) i think this one only weighs 3kg. Within a weeks of my son having this bike he has mastered balancing, and is having lots of fun.
They also have some really great funky children's helmets, my son has the eagle design one, my OH really like the tiger one.
I think i used a code i found on here when i bough it so managed to get more of the price. I think the code was MUMSNET .

Good luck with your search

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