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Why do I have such cry babies?

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NickNacks Mon 12-Sep-11 16:43:32

I have 3 DC.

DS1 (7) has always been highly emotional. However he is a confident boy and i've never had tears on first days at school or beavers or overnight at relatives' houses. He will though cry easily when someone says mean things, when he's mistakenly left out of something - instead of just putting his hand up at school and saying he hasn't been called to change his library book yet or something else trivial, he'll cry. Even at the end of yr 2 we had regular reports home that today X or Y had made him cry. A few days into yr3 and we seem to be better, bar today coming out.

DS2 (5) cries a lot! First days at school (even going back for yr 1), change to a supply teacher, swimming, going home with a friend (he'll still say he want to go but doesn't know why he's crying), going to parties.... everything!

DD (1) is turning out the same! Cries when i leave the room or walk into a room with strangers.

Today at pick up DS2 was invited to go to a friend's house for tea. He said he wanted to go but was crying when i left him to walk with friend's dad and friend home. DS1 then cried when he came out and found out DS2 was going out because he said he'd 'miss him'. And DD was set off by a lovely lady bending down to talk and tickle her.

I feel like i'm the worst mum in the world and i'm obviously doing something dreadfully wrong because i'm the only person i see with 3 sobbing children on a regular basis!

I must say I'm not a soft wussy parent. I listen to their concerns and if its simply 'I don't want to go to school' or similar then i don't hang i around and pander, i just say, 'well you have to go to school and i'll be back at 3 o'clock to get you.' If its a genuine worry then i try to find solution. We have given DS1 a diary to write in because he seemed to have real issues at one point but didn't want to talk to anyone and it was affecting his sleep. This stopped being used at the start of the summer holidays and he said he didn't need it anymore.

HELP! please were did i go wrong and how do i fix it?

SomekindofSpanish Mon 12-Sep-11 18:38:45

I feel your pain, but have no answers, I'm afraid.

DS2 (6) is like your DS1. Can be hard work trying to work out what is really going on with him. Once, he started crying in a shop because I had told him about 20 minutes earlier that he would be having a haircut when we got home confused. I did tell him in a nice way as well grin.

He is highly sensitive, but he is also very cuddly and does not seem to have a mean bone in his body.

NickNacks Mon 12-Sep-11 19:32:34

That's DS1 to a tee!

Still very cuddly, happy to kiss me and his little brother goodbye, and would never ever say anything mean back to someone however cruel they've been to him. Makes me sad really because it makes it worse really- easy target. Dispite this, his does have a lot of friends in school.

Your shop/haircut story is the sort of thing that happens to me. I'm constantly confused

SomekindofSpanish Mon 12-Sep-11 19:37:19

Yes, DS2 is popular. I think it is because the girls want to mother him and the boys don't see him as a real threat grin.

Do you have the book 'The highly Sensitive Child'? It may give you some insight into the type of 'sensitive' characters your DCs are.

NickNacks Mon 12-Sep-11 19:40:16

No I don't - will take a look, thank you! It's obviously just the creatures I breed grin

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