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can a 7 month old nap too much???

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CharlieMumma Mon 12-Sep-11 16:01:11

hello everyone, my ds is a very good sleeper and has been since about 8 weeks - im really lucky i know!

my question is about his naps - im not sure if he is napping too much or if its normal, a typical day goes like this:

630 ish bf then back to sleep for nap
8 ish up for the day
830/9 breakfast
11 ish ff then nap
1230 is wake up
1 ish lunch
3/330 nap
4ish ff
6-7 ff or bf then bed.

he is always put down in his cot and is always awake but sleepy, he rolls around for a bit rubbing his eyes and then falls asleep. is this amount of sleep normal? he is very active when he is awake and is desperate to crawl so spends lots of time on all fours rocking or just commando crawling round the lounge!

any inout would be great
- thanks everyone.

Paschaelina Mon 12-Sep-11 16:07:55

Sounds normal to me. At 7m my Boy was just starting to nap longer over lunchtime/ early afternoon and by about 8.5m he had all but dropped the pm nap in favour of 2 hours 11-1ish.

leapyleo Mon 12-Sep-11 19:23:59

sound perfectly normal to me, the morning nap will probably get gradually later and later until it's just the one afternoon nap.

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