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Ryanair, can you pre board for free with under 2yo?

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KatyS36 Sun 11-Sep-11 20:25:18


We're reasonably frequent fliers but are venturing onto our first Ryanair flight with our 23 month old. (They were the only airline flying the route we wanted).

There are two of us and dd. Will Ryanair let us pre-board for free (so we can all sit together), or do we need to pay for priority boarding to do so?

Easyjet let parents with under 5's board after the 'speedy-boarders' which has always been fine. Obviously with other airlines you get seasts at check-in so boarding order doesn't matter.

Any advice from recent experiences appreciated

Many thanks


SazZaVoom Sun 11-Sep-11 20:27:44

No they don't. But if you are at the front of the queue after speedy boarders you will be fine.

Or if you are late, offer for someone else to sit with your DC. Soon, seats together will become available

amyboo Sun 11-Sep-11 20:27:59

Nope - they don't care how many kids you have and nor do the other passengers... Unless you pay for priority boarding you'll be left to scrabble for a place in the queue like everyone else. And i'm speaking as someone who's flown 5 times with an under 2 year old with them this year.

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