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odeon newbies - films with toddlers

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brdgrl Sun 11-Sep-11 20:06:50

Hi, just wondering if anyone else goes to the odeon 'newbies' films for mums and babies. i have been once. my DD is fifteen months, and the other babies there were all much younger. DD was pretty good, and i took her out when she'd had enough (which was about 30 minutes in). but she didn't sleep through it, like a tiny baby would, and even though she didn't cry or kick up AT ALL, i felt worried that someone would tell me off. (i am very conscious in restaurants and public places when DD makes DH thinks i am too worried about it, but i would rather err on the side of being considerate.)

i don't want to annoy the other mums by taking DD. But she is still too young for a 'regular' screening. And i need to go to the cinema once in a while or i think i may go mad! i am quite lonely and don't really have other mummy friends. and DH and i can only afford to have a babysitter every so often, and we use those times to go to dinner and have a proper date together.

what do you guys think? is it ok to take a toddler to these, or are they meant only for wee babies?

MonsterBookOfTysons Sun 11-Sep-11 20:09:10

I personally think you should still go.
My ds is 3 years old and dd is 11 months so we cant go now till dd is old enough to go to a kids am viewing.
Enjoy going while you can get away with it smile

Pkam Sun 11-Sep-11 21:14:54

I used to go with DD1 when she was small - there were always toddlers there and they tended to get up and wonder around the aisle a bit if they got bored. No-one minded as that's really the point of it. Depending on the layout of the cinema, try sitting right at the front where there is usually quite a bit of space for her to roam around in, play with toys etc. where you can keep an eye on her and watch the film at the same time.

brdgrl Sun 11-Sep-11 22:26:23

thank you both! guess i just needed to hear that it was ok. we'll go back on wednesday and sit down in front. smile

An0therName Sun 11-Sep-11 22:33:52

oh you are fine to go I am sure - but just a thought could you not take yourselve off one evening or weekend when your DH is around to look after LO - as I am sure it would be more relaxing to watch a film without a 15 mo -
and re mum friends - do you go to groups/classes - it can take a while but sure you could meet some people there

brdgrl Sun 11-Sep-11 23:48:17

anothername, thanks, yes, good point.

i have been to the groups a couple of times, but i find them really difficult. i am too shy and socially inept and i don't seem able to connect with the other mums. i'm starting a swim class tomorrow with DD. and DH takes her to a group every friday on his day (we both work part-time so we have set days to look after DD). i will keep trying, i know it is important for me and for her!

i'm writing my dissertation, so the times when i don't have DD, i have to work on that. the nice thing about the newbies is that i thought it is something i can do while i have her... i wish they had one just for toddlers!

i put her to bed every night; she still nurses at night and i like to be the one putting her to bed. but i could go to a late show after she goes to bed, i guess. i'd like to take her, though, so that she gets used to going. i don't watch tv with her, but i'm very keen to have her develop a love of movies and of going to the cinema, and understanding what the rules are as she gets bigger. we go to the library a lot, and she is learning already about 'library voice'.

An0therName Mon 12-Sep-11 14:13:17

brdgrl - try a few different groups - they vary massivly in how friendly they are in my experience
re cinema - this just my perspective but we didn't take DS1 to the cinema at all until he was 3.9 or so - then he LOVED it - sat nicely the whole way though and now he - is nearly 6 its a massive treat

bagelmonkey Mon 12-Sep-11 14:20:15

Go for as long as you can get away with it. Some cinemas have a no-crawlers policy for baby cinema.
I went with friends with our babies and we all found that we could block out any baby crying except our own. Mine didn't sleep at all, just wriggled A LOT.
Luckily we found a cinema that shows decent movies at the baby cinema because the picture house was only showing arty subtitled documentary wank and when you haven't been to the cinema for 6 months that's NOT what you want to see.

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