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Anyone else's children can't cook a simple meal?

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Dancergirl Sun 11-Sep-11 19:42:27

I'm feeling frustrated. I often read on these forums about your wonderfully talented children who can cook and I'm starting to get a bit worried that mine don't!

They are 10, 8 and 4. Of course they love baking with me - fairy cakes, biscuits, that sort of thing. This generally involves me doing it with them. My little one especially likes getting stuck in and I have a lot more time at home with her as she hasn't started school yet (this week!) and often helps me chop veggies, puts them in the pan etc.

The older 2 don't have much interest in making savoury dishes or basic meals and I feel at their age they should be able to. However my oldest can be v stubborn and automatically doesn't want to do anything she feels she's being forced into doing.

So how can I encourage them and what sort of things should I start with? BTW because we have an induction hob we're limited in what pans we have - most of mine are Le Cruest cast iron which are incredibly heavy so that could be a problem.

schoolchauffeur Sun 11-Sep-11 20:59:10

Well firstly I think that your little ones are still a bit little to be interested in making full meals- baking is how everyone gets started isn't it so I wouldn't worry about it.Mine only did baking until they were about 9 or 10 and then the first thing they got into was making pizza ( on the back of a school science lesson where they were making bread to see how yeast works). They loved kneading the dough and choosing their own toppings etc Then we moved on to stir fry things- again could put in own choice of veggies etc. Think they liked that because it is quite quick and they could see it cook. Most kids like gadgets so home made soup was popular becuase they like using the blender and seeing everything turn to gloop! Mine are now 16 and 13- the eldest can pretty much look after herself if need be and will often just come in and start dinner because she finds it relaxing, the 13 year old (DS) has his friends over to sleep, makes pancakes for breakfast etc

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