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Rugby as childcare?!?!

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littletinkers Sat 10-Sep-11 11:07:17

My husband came in last night from work at 10pm. He promised me this morning off but said "i will be watching england vs argentina at 9.30am". I imagined him half watching from a distance but playing with the kids. Okay this am twin a wakes me up at 7. i tell her daddy wants a cuddle. Daddy doesn't stir. I look after twin 1 until 7.45 when i go to check on daddy. still asleep saying had a very bad night's sleep. He then gets up - gets himself breakfast (nothing for twin a at this point) makes a bit of train track. I sit down with twin a as she has her breakfast - he then goes to have a shower whilst i do the chores in the kitchen and ironing etc. Have decided to cut down on domestic help to afford more babysitting. Sure enough 9.30 he watches telly - just sits there with little interaction with the kids. I do the housework. Eventually it's half time commentary - no - telly still on - i urge him to get kids ready for their playdate - "does it matter if they're late" he says... wants to watch more telly. I start to lose it, v rude to be late as agreed time. Also need to pick up something to take with them. In the end I have a go and say you are not watching rugby and "looking after" kids again. Twin b meanwhile complaining that Daddy won't let him talk. This is not childcare. This is watching telly of no interest to them and telling them to be quiet. I am now told that I am being unreasonable and grumpy. What would you do?

StrikeUpTheBand Sat 10-Sep-11 11:10:45

No, YANBU. He sounds like he's being a lazy sod. DP thinks childcare is sticking something on the TV for them while he plays on is computer too.

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