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School bus - persevere or give up...?

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Noomininoo Fri 09-Sep-11 23:01:59

My 4.3yo DD1 started school this week (full time from the get go - no staggered intake).

Monday, being her first day, DH & myself took her in just to settle her in, find her peg with her, show her what she needed to do with her lunch money/lunch box etc, etc...

On Tuesday, however, we started using the school bus that picks up from our estate. Tuesday morning DD1 was a little nervous but went on OK, same on Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon, however, was her first trip home on the bus (as she was at after school club on Tuesday) & it was a complete disaster as the school managed to put her on the wrong bus shock!!! This meant that I was waiting at one bus stop whereas DD1 spent 10 minutes waiting for me (with an escort) at another. When I obviously didn't turn up DD1 was put back on the bus & taken back to school where I eventually tracked her down after a number of frantic phonecalls between myself, DH, the school & the bus escorts.

Ever since then, however, DD1 has been really reluctant to use the bus again. Thursday she was fine until it was time to get on the bus & then burst into tears when she got on it & today she woke up crying saying she didn't want to go on the bus (although she did eventually get on it with a bit of gentle persuasion [& bribery wink]).

The question now, however, is, should we persevere with trying to get her to go on the bus hoping her confidence will return the more she uses it or should we just take her to school ourselves (awkward but not un-doable).

She did seem quite excited about going on the school bus before she started school (as we used to pass them every morning on our way into nursery) but I think the reality of it (along with this upset on Wednesday) has all got a bit too much for her (on top of having to adjust to going to school as well). She does seem to enjoy school & I don't want her day to be marred by a fear of having to go on the bus but at the same time, I don't want to completely abandon the bus thing at such an early stage when I'm sure that, given time, she'll be fine with it.

So confused ... confused

isitmidnightalready Sat 10-Sep-11 00:07:32

Poor thign - what a way to start your school life. How about you only put her on the bus once a day to begin eith, and only on the way in to school so that she knows she will definately get there and the bus won't go the wrong way.

If the bus is formyour estate, can you curture a friendship so that someone older takes her under their wing. Maybe you could ask the school to help by appointing another child to keep an eye on her.

Good luck.

cat64 Sat 10-Sep-11 00:13:13

Message withdrawn

SecretSquirrels Sat 10-Sep-11 12:00:27

I agree it was an awful experience even for an older child. I'd take her in for a while but don't let the bus become something to fear.
We live in a tiny village and both DCs went on the school bus from reception. However the school did encourage one or two of the older children to "buddy" the little ones. Perhaps you could speak to the teacher and arrange for a suitably mature year 6 pupil to take your DD under her wing?

biffandchip Sat 10-Sep-11 22:03:53

She's 4.3yrs, just started school full time, has had to cope with all of the new things and on her third day when she was prob shattered and wanted to be at home she ended up in the wrong place and taken back to school with no idea where you and your Dh were. No wonder she didn't want to get back on the bus, I'm surprised you got her to school the next day! If it's not essential that she uses the bus I wouldn't push it, there's plenty of time for you to re-introduce the idea and maybe see if any of her friends also get the bus so she can sit with them. In the whole scheme of things 4.3 is a bit young to be stressing about travel arrangements.

An0therName Sat 10-Sep-11 22:07:22

if its ok for you to pick her up for a few weeks I would do that - I am sure she will be fine with it in time - but its alot to take on in short time

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