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Help very stubborn, clingy 3.5 year old with separation anxiety still not settling at pre-school after 3mths.....

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NotInTheMood Fri 09-Sep-11 09:47:29

He cries and says he doesn't want to go every time I drop him off or begs me to stay with him. He refuses to take his coat off and will wear it all day even if he is hot and he refuses to sit at the table or eat whilst there. I have to casually take his coat off before we enter the building or else he will sit in it all day.

I thought about changing schools but having walked in during the middle of the day and seen him playing happily I decided to keep trying.The staff are lovely and the preschool has loads of things for him to do that I know he enjoys. Once I have left I know he is absolutely fine and I trust the school 100% that they would ring if he wasn't because they have done so before. They say he enjoys playing and loves circle time and he always seems happy when I pick him up (even relieved) and sometimes I have to drag him out.

The pre-school do a lot of family days where we can all go. Recently over the holidays they had a family day and put out toys and games and provided food etc and I went with dh and both my ds's. He was absolutely fine and I even managed to get him to eat and drink even though he preferred to sit in the corner away from the other children. It just seems like he wants me to stay with him but obviously I can't. He goes to school next September.

fidelma Fri 09-Sep-11 22:27:52

Its very normal.My dc have all been the same.ds1 aged 6 still finds leaving me when he goes to school tramatic.But has a great time once he has let go of me.3.5 is so very very young.keep communicationg with the nursery and ask for their help.

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