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Ds, 7 'm just not sure what's going on in his head, and whether to worry or not.

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Readyisknitting Thu 08-Sep-11 21:48:04

Ds had a wobbler today, a very loud outburst that everybody hates him, and he's stupid, a stupid little boy who knows nothing and can't learn.

This has been brewing since the unsupervised contact was increased to 6 hours in mid august. Xh is abusive, we fled over 2 years ago, and contact was put in place through the courts.

Additionally, we've just moved in with my partner, so lots of change.

Another biggie is his new teacher this year is male, which he thinks is good, but is still the unknown. He is academically behind by about a year. we've had a few attempts at catch up work but he refused to try, which I found infuriating, and he knows. He has 2 firm friends at school, but otherwise is a bit of a longer and struggles to play in groups.

He has always been a fussy eater, taking it to the extreme, and his 3yo sister frequently eats more than twice the amount than he does. DD1 (5) is now trying to copy his eating habits. I know the standard advice is ignore, but with 4 dc (dbs, 8, ds, dd1, 5 and dd2, 3) I am trying to stop any ideas about copying his eating habits.

So, wise people, explain my son to me. He's settled in bed, fairly happily after a chat, but something is there. Someone at church who used to teach commented that he's lost, he follows the motions, but is lost.

Tryharder Thu 08-Sep-11 22:46:50


I have no advice really. But there must be professionals out there who can help you. CAHMS? School support worker?

Readyisknitting Thu 08-Sep-11 23:13:48

Cahms were useless. He was seeing a counsellor at school, but it stoppped just before contact was resumed at Easter because she was leaving. He was fairly stable and has gone downhill since then, but obv, that's my take, and is pointless in a court of law.

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