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washing hair help

(11 Posts)
cleanteeth Wed 07-Sep-11 18:54:17

DS hates having his hair washed, he crys his little eyes out bless him. Its weird cos he loves water otherwise and doesn't mind getting splashed a bit. What ttips can you give me on how to make it easier for him? He is 15 months by the way

Octaviapink Wed 07-Sep-11 19:19:31

DD started hating it at about 18 months - we keep her hair short and only do it once a fortnight. I use a wet flannel to massage a tiny amount of shampoo in and then several wet flannels to rub it all out again. It's time-consuming but tear-free. We practise washing dolly's hair by helping her lean back in the bath so I'm hopeful that eventually DD will lean back in the bath to have it washed.

Seona1973 Wed 07-Sep-11 20:40:52

we used a shower hose attached to the bath taps which helped minimise water on the face

notcitrus Wed 07-Sep-11 21:05:52

Start blowing bubbles, then tell him he can have more once his hair is washed and do it as quickly as possible, followed by bubbles and fun time (and only every couple weeks, so he still enjoys the bath). The tears were horrible but over in moments.

At nearly 3 he now just grumps and holds a flannel across his face.

CDMforever Wed 07-Sep-11 22:17:23

Mothercare sell an amazing plastic jug which stops the water going in littles ones' eyes by way of having a separate compartment so that the way pours over the bit of jug that rests on their head, IYSWIM.....

Sounds tres complique but isn't at all.

I call it the "magic jug" and we now have no tears in the bath!

MrsJasonBourne Wed 07-Sep-11 22:31:40

Boots and Mothercare also sell a Shower Shield which is a foam cap-type shape without the head covering. It fits quite snugly around the head with a peak at the front so the water pours away off the face. I use them and they're brilliant!

festivalwidow Tue 13-Sep-11 10:16:45

I've had two months of hairwashing hell with DD - she doesn't scream, but stands up and attempts to climb out of the bath every time I rinse her hair. I get around it by scraping as much shampoo as possible off with a flannel first and accepting I'm going to get drenched during the final rinse.
Finally yesterday we tried the 'magic jug' with the two compartments and she didn't attempt her usual escape! Whether I'll be as lucky tonight remains to be seen...

stinkyfluffycat Tue 13-Sep-11 10:21:13

No idea but will watch with interest and steal all ideas. Hair washing time in our house sounds like several pigs are being slaughtered at once, I have seriously considered going round and warning the neighbours just in case they think I am actually torturing small children and call the police, it really is that bad!

I don't even think there's any water going in her eyes, but it's really hard to be careful with something that's wailing and flailing and attempting to climb out of the bath sad. If she would just sit still it would take soooo much less time..

pedalpants Tue 13-Sep-11 20:25:19

magic jug imo doesn't work

Jesusgirl Fri 16-Sep-11 06:36:37

The shower shield thing is awesome. I battled with hair wash time for almost 2 years before I found it in boots.

It's like a face cap without the top on it, with the front bit extending a good 4 inches so water doesn't touch the face at all.

So now we have a happy shampoo time!

TabithaTwitchet Fri 16-Sep-11 06:59:11

I wash DD's hair when we have a bath together. She faces away from me and leans back on my knees. I can then lower her down to the water by straightening my legs and her head is tipped right back so no water or soap in her eyes, I use a little cup to rinse her head.

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