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Quick- am I over reacting?

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CharlieBoo Tue 06-Sep-11 16:08:50

Ds started first day back in year 2 today. Took him to my mums after school and my mum had bought him some sweets, a Moshi monster toy, some pens, pad etc. He just looked at it and turned his nose up, said he didn't want that Moshi monster and was just incredibly rude. I told him off but am fuming. He also growled at me when I told him off at my mums. I have come home and told him it's dinner and then bath and bed, as a punishment. I am so fuming but he's really not that bothered.... Help

mamsnet Tue 06-Sep-11 16:13:24

Mmm.. he's obviously tired and just needed to hit out at something but I think you're dead right to be cross and to make him see the consequences of his rudeness.
I'd make him apologize to his grandmother too.

And I know you're not asking but I would very seriously consider asking my mother no to go so OTT with the gifts!!

CharlieBoo Tue 06-Sep-11 16:20:43

Thanks yes I'm cross as I just can't bear ungratefulness! And yes yes yes yes yes with my mum!! She's a nightmare and I told her a bag of sweets would have been more than enough!

He will be apologising tomorrow! Thanks for the reply, agree he's tired but still no need to be so rude.

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