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Can I claim any child benefits?

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FairyMum Tue 21-Oct-03 08:26:20

I am currently not claiming any child benefits (we are earning too much to be entitled to anything), but now my friend tells me I am entitled to a standard child benefit that everyone gets. Can someone please advise me how I can find out about this ? I have tried searching for it on the net, but I am just left totally confused in the "benefit jungle"......

mieow Tue 21-Oct-03 08:45:19

You should have been given a claim pack when bubs was born. You can phone them on 0845 3021444

pie Tue 21-Oct-03 08:46:02

Fairymum, you are entitled to child benefit, every one looking after a child is, its not means tested.

You can find out more here and here . The first link will let you apply online.

Bozza Tue 21-Oct-03 08:47:06

Definitely true that standard child benefit is not means tested. Its about £15 a week for first child I think.

FairyMum Tue 21-Oct-03 09:34:17

Thanks very much girls!

Twinkie Tue 21-Oct-03 09:35:37

Message withdrawn

iota Tue 21-Oct-03 10:05:34

It's important to claim child benefit if you are a SAHM as you get Home Responsibilities protection, which preserves you National Insurance record - Important for other benefits and pensions.

WSM Tue 21-Oct-03 10:11:52

Agree, you should have been given a form goodness knows why you weren't. When my application was 'paid out', I got back payments dating back to DD's birth date. That was only about 8 weeks worth though, I'm not sure they'd back pay much more than that (although they should do if you haven't had the moeny you and your family are entitled to).

Bron Tue 21-Oct-03 10:46:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janinlondon Mon 27-Oct-03 15:18:05

FairyMum I don't know your situation, but if you are not British born and have any conditions on staying in the country, you may not be entitled to child benefit. Certainly if you're Australian and living under a "no benefits" clause here you won't get them.

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