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Finding it difficult to leave DD at nursery - and tips?

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choceyes Mon 05-Sep-11 10:18:26

My DD who is nearly 13 months started nursery last week. 3 days a week.

She is finding it difficult to settle in, always cries when I leave, and it takes her some time to stop and settle down to play. It is breaking my heart and I am finding it difficult to concentrate on work. I guess it takes them some time to get used to a new environment and new carers. The nursery staff say that she does play with toys a lot and sits and eats her meals without crying (when she first started she cried at mealtimes - she has never been a good eater, but since going to nursery as improved a lot with her solids).

My son who is nearly 3, was much much easier to settle in (same nursery) and so I was happy coming into work as i knew he would be happily playing.

I just feel so awful about leaving DD. She will get used to it won't she??

mumblechum1 Mon 05-Sep-11 10:20:56

Of course she will. My ds went to a variety of nurseries/childminders as we moved around a lot when he was little.

Apart from one which I knew he hated, and took him out of eventually, he settled everywhere else. I'd often leave him crying, feel awful, then 5 mins later look through the window to see him playing happily.

I do sympathise, though, it's heart wrenching to walk away from them crying.

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