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worried - my 17 mo doesn't talk at all!

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tinky19 Mon 05-Sep-11 09:04:56

All he says is da and dada repeatedly but these words don't seem to be associated with anything. Mama and yes occassionally slip out but again not really in any context.
He sometimes follows instructions, get ball etc but only if we do lots of pointing at the desired oject we are talking about.
I try to talk to him all the time (tell him what we are doing - mummy's getting banana, lets go up the stairs, etc.) we read books but his attention span is short and he quickly looses interest.
What do you think, do I need to panic? sad

woopsidaisy Mon 05-Sep-11 09:39:52

Hi tinky19. My DS1 didn't "talk" until well over two. I can't remember exactly,but I know that he was 2.5 before he was really making proper talking sounds. And I know lots of other boys who were around this age too. Especially the boys who were the first child.
If he is making sounds that is good.I think lots of children this age have short attention spans-which makes looking after them hard IMO.grin
With my DS2 I did Sing And Sign classes. I thought they were really good. He started signing at about a year,and he was able to ask for a drink and do lots of signs then.
You always say the word when you sign it,so they will automatically start to try to say the word too when they sign it,iykwim. So it actually encourages speech,as opposed to slowing it,which some people think.
You can buy the DVD if there are no classes near. DS2 is 4 now,and still loves to watch the DVD,singing along and signing!
You can always talk to your HV too. Mine was lovely,she never minded a quick visit or phone call to check about something.

lalasmama Mon 05-Sep-11 09:43:10

Phewf, Im glad my DD isnt the only one. She is 18months and the only word she says is "Asda".
I'm in the mindset that she will catch up (hopefully). I was worried when all my friends babies were walking and she wasn't but she caught up soon enough.
I think your DS will be fine. He will talk when he wants to smile

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