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Dd1 been away for 3 nights. Little sister not impressed at her being back. Normal?

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Bumperlicious Sat 03-Sep-11 19:15:09

Dd1 is 4 and adores dd2, who is 11 months. Dd1 has just been to grandma's for 3 nights. Dd1 can be quite over-exuberant with the baby. We are constantly telling her to leave her alone. Still, I was surprised to find that dd2 didn't appear to miss dd1 at all, and seemed to enjoy the space and peace. Since dd1 has come back today and been unusually affectionate with me (usually a daddy's girl) dd2 has been superclingy and seemingly v jealous of dd1. Is this normal at this age?

Bumperlicious Sat 03-Sep-11 20:42:42


butterflyexperience Sun 04-Sep-11 11:05:18

My dd2 (15month) adores her big sister (3) yet does not miss her when dd1 at preschool and enjoys the one on one attention she gets from me.
Dd2 happy when dd1 returns but is jelous of dd1 when I cuddle her!

I think it's to do with survival of the fittest and all that your dd2 is enjoying the attention and not impressed that she has to now share you again.

No advice just that I understand and think it's normal.

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