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My 12 year old keeps stealing

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stephie101 Sat 03-Sep-11 11:58:00

My 12 yr old boy has always been a challenge....he's quite mature for his age and is very intelligent.

He stole a bottle of water from the local shop just over a year ago, been sent home from school camp, been excluded from school twice, once for disrespect to a teacher (swearing),when he stole the water from the shop i made sure he was banned from the shop for 6 months and arranged a visit from the local police officer,stole a phone at school and the latest was stealing £10 from a friend.
Basically his stealing and lying has gone too far. There is of course far more to this than just the stealing.......i would be here for hours otherwise.

Can someone give me any advice on how to punish him, as i have really run out of tactics..


MaryMotherOfCheeses Sat 03-Sep-11 23:05:55

I'm sorry you haven't had a response today, it sounds really distressing.

Why is he doing it? What's going on? Who else is in his life (other family he respects? teachers?) It sounds like you need some help / back up with this and your punishments alone aren't going to cut it. Presumably the "friends" he steals from are not too impressed either. Does he do anything outside school? Hobbies? Sports?

Sorry. It's like 20 questions...

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