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Baby swings - too much choice!

(3 Posts)
somewherewest Thu 01-Sep-11 13:27:03

I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for a clueless parent-to-be on which baby swing to buy? I'm a bit bewildered by the sheer variety shock. Ideally I'm looking for something easy to clean, with a toy bar which allows the toys to be varied and suitable for very young babies (ie with a gentle swing setting).

ThatsNotMyBabyBelly Thu 01-Sep-11 21:13:41

I had the rainforest one from fisher price. Both of mine have hated the swinging though so it has been a waste - except for the friend I gave it too!

Maybe try one out when dc is born so you don't have my expensive mistake?

Sorry, that is probably no help!

trixie123 Thu 01-Sep-11 21:28:59

I have one for DD (graco, brown coloured one, about £50). Its ok but no better than the normal chair that DS had. Bit if a waste I think. I would go for a very padded, very reclined bouncy chair. Best thing really is to go to a shop that has a good range. Kiddicare is fab if you are anywhere near Peterborough.

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